Cat Walsman

Mom to an energetic angel, wife to a wonderful man who fits my crazy <3 Prior active duty Army, current National Guard member. Super down to earth, fell in love with writing as a kid. Tips are appreciated if my writing appeals to you!

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5 months ago
The sun warmed my small face while a breeze tenderly stroked my unwashed hair. I remember my laughter and the way she smiled when she looked at me, like maybe she really did love me. I guess she did, ...
Finger Paint
5 months ago
I want to watch it run, feel it soak through my outstretched fingers. Watch it drip onto the floor. If it’s deep enough maybe I could write with it like finger paint. But what would I say? I’m sorry? ...
Changing Your Mind During Sex Does NOT Mean You Were Raped
5 months ago
"I bet you'd be just like ecstasy," he breathed in between kisses. It was a pick up line I hadn't heard before, and honestly? Between that and his body I was feeling reckless and dizzy. I had been tal...
Best Detoxes for Urine Tests
5 months ago
So, you have a job interview coming up and are concerned about a urine test because of your recreational activities. Or maybe your current occupation does random testing, but you shared a joint with a...
Fairytale Wedding on a Budget
5 months ago
Most little girls dream about extravagant weddings, with an array of flowers and fireworks and fancy decorations. Then we get older and wedding bells are around the corner, with Pinterest throwing in ...
"You're All Nothing but a Bunch of Brainwashed Baby Killers"
5 months ago
I was 18, stuck in a seedy bus station in an unfamiliar town trying to get back to my base during a snow storm. I knew nobody there, but made pointed eye contact with a few other tired servicemen layi...