Benjamin House

Just a writer in his mid 20's trying to do what I do, MAYBE earn some cheddar, and hopefully encourage, warn, amuse, and help people with the power of words. One weird dude, with a beard.......dude.

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Monsters Due
3 months ago
On March 4th 1960, The Twilight Zone aired an episode called "The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street." What Rod Serling managed to achieve in writing this particular episode is not only a critique on hu...
Rushing River
5 months ago
The river of life rushes on where it may; who can tell if plans to stay. Its course is rough, confusing, in a fray; no matter what you do or how you fight, it flows where it may. Each soul is cast int...
'Let Me Tell You Where the Evil Is.'
a year ago
I think when one understands the nature of horror, and experiences it for themselves in one way or another, as there are horrific elements regarding just about anything and everything in real life, you understand the subtle and not so subtle truths and metaphors for very real social issues contained with the horror film genre. Although, this line of thought can't always be applied when happy and 'excited' teenagers are butchered in horror movies. As Carpenter says in the video, these films work ...
Disappointed! (When a Franchise Becomes Too Popular)
2 years ago
I can’t help but feel excited any time a new Star Wars film arrives. Even if it turns out to be mediocre to say the least, any time the opening crawl appears with that iconic music from John Williams,...
The Thanksgiving Rock Throwing Incident
2 years ago
Okay, let me state first that the following story was quite true so I changed some names around. Though I have to admit I'm better remembering details than names, so I should be covered. This was Than...
They Live
2 years ago
Classic horror literature and its many inspirations, rip-offs, and retelling's, came from very real sources and sometimes have a way of being a sort of social commentary. Characters like Dracula, Fran...