bella mirza

Hey there! I'm an 18 year old nursing student/blogger who loves traveling, make up, family, and FOOD! Keep reading to follow along in my "young adulting" adventures!

10 Reasons People THINK They Can't Become Foster Parents
6 days ago
America's foster care system is home to about 500,000 children, and over 10 percent have to be placed in an institution due to lack of fit foster homes. If more people knew how easy it was to become f...
8 Easy Christmas Gifts For Dad or Grandpa
11 days ago
Let's face it, dads and grandpas are some of the most influential and special men in our lives, but they are the absolute hardest people to shop for. I honestly used to completely dread Christmas shop...
10 DIY Christmas Gifts for Mom and Grandma
14 days ago
Moms, grandmas and in-laws are the most special and wise ladies in our lives. They made us the people we are today, and we turn to them for every decision we make. They give so much to us, and we want...
7 Cruise Ship Hacks You Need to Know Before Your Vacation
15 days ago
I travel a huge chunk out of the year, and out of everything I've gotten to experience, I'd have to say that cruising is my absolute favorite method of vacationing! It's worry free, inexpensive, and c...
DIY Christmas Gifts Any Teenage Girl Will Love
21 days ago
Teenagers, especially teenage girls, are always SO HARD to shop for, and this is coming from a teenage girl! When Christmas time rolls around, it is so important to get your sister, daughter, granddau...