Ashley Smith

25 years old. Fiance. Stay at home mommy to two beautiful little boys. ❤️

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Nolan Paul
8 days ago
After having our oldest via C-section, I thought I was prepared and ready for everything that was about to come. We had a scheduled C-section for May 6, three days before his due date. Everything duri...
How To: Get Your Baby to Sleep Longer Stretches by 8 Weeks
11 days ago
Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional. I am not a sleep professional. I have two children who both slept "through the night" (defined as a six hour stretch) by the time they were eight weeks old...
How Sugar, Artificial Colors, and Flavors Affect Behavior in Children
16 days ago
We all know that, in recent years, more and more kids are getting diagnosed with ADHD, ADD, and Opposition Defiance Disorder. Why are more people being diagnosed with these disorders than in previous ...
Disappearance of Shane Walker and Christopher Dansby
a month ago
In August of 1989, Rosa Glover took her 19 month old son, Shane Walker, to a playground in Harlem near the Martin Luther King Jr. Towers housing projects where they lived. She sat on a park bench whil...
The Disappearance of Susan Cox Powell
a month ago
It was December 6, 2009 when Susan Cox Powell was last seen alive. She had attended church with her two young children and was last seen when her neighbor left her house that evening around 5:00 PM. T...
A Letter to My Firstborn
2 months ago
Baby boy, you are simply perfect. In one short month you will be three years old, and I'm not quite sure where the time has gone. It feels like just yesterday I was in the hospital anxiously awaiting ...