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Don’t Be Eye Candy, Be Soul Food
18 days ago
I guess you’re probably wondering what my title “Don’t be eye candy, be soul food means.” Well if you’re not, I’m sure someone is. It means that your appeal shouldn't be physical, but should come from...
Spending Time Alone
19 days ago
Is your day is filled with different responsibilities and duties, and some days it’s hard to get time for yourself? If so, this is for you. “Time for myself? Ha, you’re crazy” is what a lot of y’all a...
I Want to Apologize to Myself
21 days ago
Sometimes we need to take a moment reflecting on what we allowed ourselves to go through and apologize for it. Like actually mean it to yourself and change. I'm not saying that I'm going to be perfect...
Done Giving Away Free Time
a month ago
As many of y’all can relate, I always felt like I needed to respond to every message or every social media post. Like as if I would be missing out on something if I didn’t do so. When in fact, the exa...
Letter to My Child’s Godmother
a month ago
As many moms can relate to, we often have so many people say they “love you like a sister.” Or “we are so close, we are family.” Are you starting to notice how those people are the first to disappear ...
Life Changer
3 months ago
Like a majority of society, it seems everyone has experienced anxiety and depression. To me, they’re major illnesses because firsthand, I spent years battling them both along with going through trauma...