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A Thank You to All My Friends
a month ago
So much love for all of you
Full Face Makeup Only Using Drugstore Products
5 months ago
I have always loved makeup. I used to have an obsession with it when I was younger, taking several trips to the mall every month just so I could wander around Sephora, MAC, and any other cosmetic stor...
Each Time I Change the Story: Outgrown
5 months ago
I don’t remember our first interaction, but I do know we didn’t cross paths immediately, despite the small environment we belonged to. I remember thinking you had the build of a runner, tall and slend...
Being Second Rank
5 months ago
I have always felt under supported. Not by my close family but by my friends. I see other people whose friends support everything that they do. They share their work, watch their YouTube videos, buy w...
310 Nutrition Changed My Daily Routine
5 months ago
Those shakes you’ve seen all over the internet... you’ve seen their ads and you’ve seen celebrities posting about them, too. If you haven’t tried them yet, I know you’re at least a little curious abou...
The Most Chaotic Year of My Life Helped Me Become 'Me' Again
6 months ago
2018—I literally started my year with a 48 hour stomach bug. Looking back on the year I had, I find symbolism in my 48 hours of vomiting (not to be crude, just telling it how it is). My year was an em...