Anik Marchand

Anik Marchand moved from New Brunswick to Southern Ontario at a young age, lived some crazy moments in Montréal, Québec and is now based in Madrid, Spain.


Instagram: anik.marchand

E-mail: [email protected]

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Simon Says, Break Down
2 months ago
We’re always worried about money, today was no different. We were on our way to Portugal from Spain. We had all our luggage with us for our usual bi-weekly vacation back to his hometown. After 40 minu...
Traveling Blues
2 months ago
I guess I never will want to admit this to myself. This incurable unhappiness stuck so deep inside me. This cemented, anchored, armoured heaviness in the core of my being which refuses to leave. This ...
Here I Am
2 months ago
Ever get that feeling like you’ve accomplished something really big in your life yet, you still feel empty and still feel like you want more and more and more? (Hoping you’ve answered yes). Well, I mo...
The “Give Me Time” Guy
a year ago
Here you are, after finding a great guy on Tinder (yeah let's be honest, that’s where everyone meets each other these days, no shame in that) who doesn’t seem too fucked up, or not too weird and actua...
How Creating a Vision Board Inspired Me to Dream
a year ago
Lame and cliché title, I know. BUT! Hear me out, (please). A few years ago, my father and I were sitting in front of the television while I was visiting and, as per usual, we weren’t doing much. We we...
The Moment I Realized Love Did Not Exist
a year ago
We had this cute love story that lasted a while. We knew each other for two years and fell in love right when we met. Our mutual best friend had introduced us. He was tall with dreads. He was from Fra...