Andrew Beasley

Freelance football (soccer) writer. I also like to write about other things which take my interest.

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Beavertown Extravaganza - A Review
2 years ago
Beavertown Brewery announced earlier this year that they would be holding a two day beer festival. Tickets sold out swiftly, but my wife, a friend and I bagged one each for the second day. It wasn’t c...
Book Review: 'Roger Moore as James Bond 007'
2 years ago
We've all read shoddy autobiographies by disinterested movie stars, or books about the making of films that may inform but not entertain. Roger Moore as James Bond 007 avoids the pitfalls of both thes...
The Loss of the Stats Zone App is Bad News for Soccer Analysts
2 years ago
There was sad news today for the soccer stats community. Stats Zone is no more after Four Four Two chose not to renew it for the forthcoming 2017–18 season. The app's creator, Colm McMullan, is lookin...
James Bond Theme Songs, From Worst to Best
2 years ago
Over the past 55 years, the themes from the James Bond films have run a very wide gamut. From ballads and torch songs, to rock and instrumentals, the Bond themes have ranged from orchestral to electro...
The Joy and Pain of Fostering Dogs
2 years ago
Fostering dogs is an emotional rollercoaster. When I was 16, my family got a dog. My wife has wanted a dog since she was a little girl, but it had never happened for her. There were a variety of reaso...