Amanda Grimm

28 yr old stay-at-home mom to a lovely little boy named Edgar. Wife to a beautiful woman named Nikki. Animal Guardian to a German Shepherd and two cats. Follow me on Twitter @TheAmandaGrimm if you like my stuff!

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I Think I Lost My Best Friend
2 days ago
In life, we are constantly evolving. From one event and emotional disruption to the next, we are ever changing. A week ago, I had this wonderful plan to write this fantastic article about friendship. ...
Nice to Sniff You
7 days ago
Hi. I’m Olive. It's nice to meet you! My human companion Amanda told me that I should tell you about my life. I would love to do that. I’m almost five years old and I was born on Valentine's Day! Mayb...
You Don't Deserve To Know Me
9 days ago
Oh. Hello. My name is inconsequential to you as I will never stoop so low as to respond no matter what you call me. However, the only human I actually care for uses the name Amy when seeking my glorio...
The Placard On The Door
11 days ago
I walked through the door. I could feel in my bones how badly I didn’t want to be there. The floor beneath me was hard and damp. Concrete, maybe. I couldn’t really see it. I knew I was in a hallway, t...
The Elegance of It
18 days ago
I step out of the car, shut the door, and hit the lock button. The sun is just starting to go down. For some reason my heart always start beating faster when I get to this point. Maybe it is because I...
18 days ago
Wake up in the morning A little groggy in the head All of my body Asks to go back to bed Let the dogs out The morning routine Time for my dose Of morning caffeine I take my coffee Like I take my men P...