Alicia Springer

Mother of two. Personal trainer. Fitness is about determination, not age.

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How to Keep Your Hair 
2 years ago
When Delilah ordered her servants to scalp Samson, it was probably just an act of chivalry curiosity. She wanted to find out whether he would still be able to stand up for her as, even in those days, ...
Things to Do Instead of Cheating on Your Partner 
2 years ago
The urge to cheat in a relationship can happen to anyone, whether they're in a healthy relationship or a faulty one. If one of you is cheating or you have the urge to cheat and you're worried your rel...
Most Common Dominant Genes In Humans 
2 years ago
Some of the most common dominant genes in humans come from parental inherited gene variations known as alleles. Some are dominant and others are recessive, and prevalence is often awarded to the domin...
Ways to Meditate While Running
2 years ago
What would you say if I told you meditation doesn’t have to involve lotus position, sitting on a cushion, or even being quiet—that there are actually ways to meditate while running? People run for a n...
Best Healthy Food Instagrams to Follow
2 years ago
The best healthy food Instagrams to follow are out there to inspire you to create new treats that taste good and are good for you. Healthy eating can be easy, but it can also be easy to burn out and r...
Top Fitness Celebrities of the 1990s
2 years ago
CrossFit might be the biggest fitness craze of the 2010s, but it has a distinct absence of two things: leotards and B-list celebrities. The 90s brought us some of the most memorable workout regimens, ...