Alicia Springer

Mother of two. Personal trainer. Fitness is about determination, not age.

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Best Skincare Products for Aging Skin
2 years ago
If you have ever noticed a droopy laugh line or some sagging skin under your chin when you look in the mirror, there is one thing of which you can be certain—it’s not going to get any better unless yo...
Summer Skincare Tips
2 years ago
Amid plentiful evidence that exposing skin to sun is one of the most aging, health-harming things you can do comes a disturbing thought: Are we creating even more problems by slathering on sunscreens ...
Understanding the Aging Brain
2 years ago
My grandfather, who lived to be ninety-four, always insisted that the secret of a long and lucid life was to keep active, interested, and busy. When he was about 40, he wrote a letter to his local new...
Summer Workout Risks
2 years ago
Most of us revel in exercise outdoors during the summer, but the blissful hot weather also heralds some seasonal summer workout risks. High smog levels, sunscreens that slide off during sweaty exercis...
Best Running Shoes for Women
2 years ago
Whether you're taking advantage of the warm weather or looking to stay active, you've decided to take up a new hobby—running! Running is one of the best full-body cardio exercises that really gets you...
Dental Care Tips
3 years ago
Statistics show that a person with a healthy mouth and gums is more likely to have better overall health than a person with even a minor oral problem. Although clinical research on the effects that ce...