Alice's Secrets

I promise to tell the truth. I will be honest with you about everything, the only exception, is my name.

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F**ked in the Sex Club
a month ago
Entering the club for the first time was surreal. I was dizzy with anticipation and arousal. The idea of visiting a sex club was daunting. I was usually shy, the quiet girl that no one took a second l...
Sex with a Vampire
a month ago
I felt him calling to me. Through the long corridors of the Manor House I heard his voice whisper. My blood began to sing with each hushed word, “Cassie, come to me.” His voice was a growl of desperat...
How to Move On with Your Life After Sexual Assault
a month ago
I was raped. I was 14 years old when it happened and my world seemed to fall apart at the seams. On holiday in Turkey, I remember basking in the sun, playing waterpolo, and enjoying myself. My parents...
How an Affair Saved My Marriage
a month ago
I’m sure most of us have been there. The fighting starts, feelings get hurt and people drift slowly away. You wake up one morning and realise the relationship you are in is barely a relationship anymo...
Are You an Empath?
a month ago
If you are an empath, you are special. The universe has blessed you with an incredible, and sometimes overwhelming, gift. It took me a long time to identify my abilities and recognise them for what th...
How to Become the Sexiest Person in the Room
a month ago
I've suffered with some self-esteem issues, too. My hair was never quite long enough, my skin didn't seem soft enough, my stomach wasn't flat enough, and I was never happy enough. I didn't ever feel c...