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F**ked by a Stranger
4 months ago
Returning to the club was always great fun, the atmosphere was relaxed, and the other people were always pleasant. I knew I was in for a good time, I just didn’t know what type of good time I was goin...
Reasons to Live
4 months ago
So, tomorrow is my two year anniversary. Two years ago, I tried to commit suicide. I can’t say that it has been easy, this whole, being alive thing. It hasn’t been all unicorns or rainbows but I am gl...
F**ked Mercilessly
4 months ago
Have you ever met someone and felt that electricity? Like two powerful magnets you are instantly drawn together, even when your worlds are in completely opposite directions. Being in a room with them ...
Taken for a Ride
4 months ago
It was a hot summer day when he came to pick her up, the kind of day where the sun made patterns on the ground as it came through the leaves of each tree. Her skin was already flushed and goosebumps p...
Sex Slave
4 months ago
Madison was prepared for him this time. When his emails first began to arrive she dreaded their meeting, she wasn’t used to being in charge. A million doubts had flooded her head, what if she ran out ...
Touching Myself
4 months ago
Waking up in the morning was always like being reborn to Eve. Her slender, toned body would stretch and straighten, her muscles relaxing and pleasure flooding through her veins at the sensation. Sunli...