Alex Bernier

I bought the ticket, missed the ride, tripped down the rabbit hole and woke up in this matrix.

Eminem Verse Watch
3 days ago
Welcome back, to the stage of history.
King Children
5 days ago
Millennial bashing is hotter than the sun these days. Heated criticism of the entitled souls born between 1982 and 2004 is widely available online in a full spectrum of media, from published articles ...
Anatomy of an Active Stoner 2
7 days ago
Part 1: 5:30-9:30 am Saturday 10:00 am, I step into my workout space after another fifteen-minute Headspace meditation to fire up my nervous system and level the morning's cone of Super Silver Haze, N...
Cunnilingus Sweetness
10 days ago
A night sky full of stars appears through the window as the sun sets over a city covered in snow. Our lips connect, my hands on her hips, I feel the tip of her tongue massage mine. Her soft body, a si...
Medical Paternalism And Me
12 days ago
Mount Vernon, Virginia December 12th, 1799 Cold air proclaims winter's arrival at George Washington's Mount Vernon estate. The President returns home drenched in the late afternoon, his hair covered i...