Alex Bernier

Bought the ticket, missed the ride, then tripped down the rabbit hole and woke up stranded with you in this strange matrix.

Lust by Voice
a month ago
The first dance between spring and winter orchestrates an odd mood in the air. Extended daylight and fair weather tease everyone's spirits in short bursts until nature's temper forces their surrender....
The Vegan Hypocrisy Manifesto
a month ago
All humans are hypocrites; some just deny this reality more than others.
Double-Edged Fame
2 months ago
I want to be spectacular, A superstar so popular Bright lights flash All eyes on me. Make too much cash Writing poetry, Live wild and free In a multi-million dollar fantasy. Sold out performances And ...
O' Jolene
3 months ago
Inspired by Dolly Parton's soft summer rain over Chip Young's thumb-picked guitar. Jolene, Jolene Where were you all my life? This can't be right, I'm here with my wife. You see, She's going to be a s...
A New Psychedelic Coming
4 months ago
Eons ago A young hero stands before the tribal council. Thunder echoes from afar, louder than a war drum. The air inside the hut feels cumbersome. "Not ready," asserts one of the elders with a scared ...
Light-Year Growth
4 months ago
Empty sheet with a ballpoint pen in my hand, Blank stare as I make my foot dance. Tap tap tap. Ideas flash on my mind-screen, A light-year journey from the depths of space Focalized by the universe be...