Adam J

I am your common broke college economics student mainly writing for a hobby. I enjoy many topics including economics, mental health, and of course beer.

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The Anger of a Thousand Suns
7 months ago
I don't remember much But the grasping The grasping and choking Pulling me closer while I sat frozen Drunk on cheap whiskey and my own foolishness That was my night of hell When the devil took back wh...
Bourbon County Brand Stout
7 months ago
Today, I have a treat for you all. This is a limited release stout that Goose Island releases every year on Black Friday. I was fortunate enough to live near a B & B that was releasing this rare brew....
Thanksgiving Dinner Table Talk
8 months ago
Ah Thanksgiving, that perfect time of the year when we get to stuff our faces with our families while making meaningful conversation with people that we may not have seen in quite some time. A beautif...
Top 10 Best College Beers on a Budget
8 months ago
Do you need a pounder can for a party, but only cobwebs occupy your wallet? Have you ever wanted to kick back with a cold one, but shriek at the sight of your bank account? Well, this article will giv...
Hillary 2020? I'd Rather Not
8 months ago
Earlier this week, it was reported by two of Hillary Clinton's former campaign advisors that a 2020 run would be likely. While there has been no official statement from Clinton, she has not denied the...
A Beginner's Guide to CBD
8 months ago
CBD is what many people are calling a miracle drug. Others may call it a superfood. Whichever you prefer to call it, CBD is a health trend that is sweeping the nation. This being said, personally, CBD...