Aaron Tobin-Hess

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The Current State of New York Sports
10 months ago
New York City—the most unique, important, dynamic city in the world. New Yorkers don't fuck around. New Yorkers have an arrogance about them, a swagger that comes from being the media and financial ca...
NFL Week 5 Picks Against the Spread
a year ago
NFL Week 5 As I write this (Sunday morning, October 7), the Giants are basically done after looking like crap at home against the Saints in week 4. Eli looked like crap again and it will probably be a...
For the Love of the Game: Fantasy Football and Other Soul Crushing Reasons to Keep Watching the NFL
a year ago
So it's already week 4 of the NFL season. Can't believe we are a month in already. My feelings on the NFL as a whole are very mixed; it's entertaining yet the level of play is poor, the coaching has b...
For the Love of the Game: 'I Am Sad'... and Other Thoughts on the Giants' 2018 Season So Far
a year ago
I am a fan of the New York Giants and I am sad; I am sad that this season has not started out the way I thought and it looks like it's already over for the Giants before it even got started. I bought ...