Aaron Tobin-Hess

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Week 9 Picks Against the Spread
10 months ago
It is that time again; week 9 NFL. Should be a good week of football because the Giants have a bye and NFL fans get to avoid the eye sore that is Giants football for a weekend. For those who have been...
Thoughts on the NBA Season so Far
10 months ago
Last night, another ho hum night in the NBA-—a Monday night no less that usually should be dominated by Monday Night Football (Patriots-Bills was a snooze fest), Klay Thompson decided he was going to ...
Week 8 Picks Against the Spread
10 months ago
Another week of NFL football coming up. Can't believe it's already week eight, the season is flying by, and for us New York Giants fans, this season CANNOT end soon enough. After another ridiculous lo...
Week 7 Picks Against the Spread
10 months ago
It's Thursday night and I just got home from a date that I did not want to be on but I went because a friend of mine convinced me to go and I felt bad about being there because it was never going to r...
NBA Season Is Back and That Makes Me Very Very Happy
10 months ago
We are back everyone. Time to rejoice because the NBA season tipped off this week. The greatest league in America is back playing meaningful games and I am here for all of it. Now that beach season ha...
Week 5 Picks Against the Spread
10 months ago
So it's Thursday night. The NY Giants are playing and Eli Manning currently looks like shit (not a surprise) and I contemplate why I still watch this god forsaken sport. I talk about how much the NFL ...