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'Violet Evergarden'—A Compendium of My Thoughts on the Show
3 days ago
My Original Review Violet Evergarden is a set of two light novels written by Kana Akatsuki and illustrated by Akiko Takase. It was the first work to win the grand prize of the Kyoto Animation Awards n...
'Violet Evergarden'—Episode 13
4 days ago
The final episode of the series carries on right where the previous left off, with Violet and Dietfried fighting the rebels at the top of the train. The rebels are now composed of only their commander...
'Violet Evergarden' Episode 12
5 days ago
We now arrive at the final arc of the show. Dietfried has been ordered to protect the peace envoy that would end the tensions that would lead to a reignition of war. These events take place continuous...
Monogatari: The Tale of Castra (Part 3)
6 days ago
Fenora sits on Jaden’s bed. She has a hand on the side of his head as blue energy funnels into him. JADEN You need to have enough for the two of you as well you know. FENORA I do, and I will. Taking care of you doesn't drain me too much. She moves her hand, and taps him on his forehead. FENORA Besides, I can't be having my little brother spending the day in bed. JADEN You're too nice. FENORA And that's a bad thing? JADEN Sometimes. FENORA I'm the elder here. JADEN And? FENORA Be nice to the othe...
'Violet Evergarden' Episode 11
8 days ago
Violet goes on a request that Claudia receives from a soldier deep in the battlezone of the civil war taking place in the north. However, this was also a request that Claudia was planning on rejecting...
'Violet Evergarden' Episode 10
9 days ago
This is probably the episode that makes me cry the most. It is told from the perspective of Ann, the child of an ailing woman, Clara, who hired Violet to write a letter for her. Right away we are trea...