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Way to a Peaceful Mind

Journey to Learn to Say no!

By Abdul QureshiPublished 2 months ago 2 min read
Attitude towards Negative Vibes!

Title: The Voyage of a Steely-minded Soul.

Since his childhood, he had possessed the dedication that had propelled through his veins like an unstoppable force. It seemed as if his very self was made of the strings of mettle' and patience.

A-Q (Name of a guy) days were crammed with the supercilious efforts of his office work. He kept himself going straining every nerve and vessel in his body, moving ahead as a chariot pulled by an inner fire. Whether it was his hunger for more or the passion to pursue his desires, there was no limit to his ambition.

However, with all his passion for achieving success, a-q, remained conscious of the values that had distinguished him. He was polite and showed care to all and that earned him respect even in the community in which he lived. His integrity and compassion were bacons of lime in a world where often darkness reigns.

The strength of battle, however, did not fool a-q, who perennially struggled with the thought of death. Although he knew he would travel far in his journey, that moment would come when he would have to say goodbye to the world he knew. 

Gradually, he climbed to the peak of his demanding career. He became a flame of inspiration beacon, a symbol of what can be achieved by mere willpower and perseverance. Even though the awards were on the rise, and his achievements were growing more and more, He remained the same, never forgetting the values that had guided him from the very day one.

Finally, one day, as the sun was about to set in the sky, He felt himself becoming overwhelmed with the weight of his journey. His heart, which used to beat with such intense flame, started to sputter; there was less and less light as time flowed by. Along this line, in this very moment, he realized that his time in the world had to end.

However, He faced his final moment with the same grace and acceptance. Even though his physical body might someday perish, he trusted that the legacy he built would live on for many years to come. Thus died with a heart brimming with gratitude and a spirit of peace, the world remained in its place and now forever felt the loss of his heroics.

In the long run, His journey was that of ambition, aspiration, and determination to get the job first, but also of love and benevolence. And while he had to leave without the company of his loved ones, his spirit was too great to allow it to perish with him. He was to live in the hearts of his family and friends. Yet it was untrue that Arjun had succeeded in proving that true greatness is a measure of the lives we touch and the love we leave behind, not in the titles we carry.


Stay away from the societ pressure and draw your own boundrairs and lines for eveyrhting. Be YOURSELF.


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Abdul Qureshi

Every story brings out my passion in not only producing content of superb quality, accuracy, and in the capability of words to generate significant impact. its a junction between art, technology and love

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  • Test2 months ago

    That was some fantastic writing! I enjoyed it immensely.

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