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Nelisiwe Zuma10 months ago
My Life Transformation After the Tragic Accident
I urge you not to read this article if you are a sensitive person. For those who do not know last year on the 13th of August (midnight), I was involved in a tragic car accident and that lead to me los...
Crystal Korpan10 months ago
Watching Over You
I sit back and like to think of my loved ones who passed,Holding them near. It gives me piece of mind, that maybe a loved one is my Guardian angel. Watching over and protecting me. When I am about to ...
Jason Schwartz10 months ago
A Closer Look at The Road to El Dorado
If you were to make a list of the greatest animated movies of all time, I highly doubt that The Road to El Dorado would be on your list. Many people group The Road to El Dorado with other DreamWorks f...
Paul Crocker10 months ago
Teddy Bear, Are You There?
Time for sleep now, have sweet dreams. But mummy, mummy, mummy, not all is as it seems. You have your blanket, yes. And the night light is on too. You need to get your rest. Oh, mummy, mummy, mummy, s...
Phillip Woodford10 months ago
To A Dog
Through the falling fog You spy a forlorn sight A shaking damp dog As black as night It is small and vulnerable In you arms you bear it Slowly not so lovable But you cannot admit Heavy like lead Fat o...
Relaxed Tourist10 months ago
Comfort Suites Edinboro Pennsylvania Review (Two Queen Bed Jacuzzi Suite)
The room was medium size with an average layout but this was probably one of the smaller suites I've stayed in. The overall appearance is rather dated. I felt like I was stepping into the late 70s or ...
Vivianne Reed10 months ago
The Invisible Assailant
It grips tight around my neck, like merciless hands, watching, waiting to hear me take my last struggled breath. Everything is going so fast it's like someone pressed a fast forward button on my life,...
Elizabeth Mustain10 months ago
Broken Hearts Eventually Shatter
Believe in the stars that shine up above, Reach high for them in that deep blue sky. Open your heart, fill it with love, Keep the tears falling, until you're run dry. Eyes looking forward, up and beyo...
Crystal Korpan10 months ago
Mysterious Ways
I am happy I am here, that I have you and family near. But I am also trying to find myself, who I am. Don't get discouraged with me, please keep with the love and support that I need. I lost who I was...
Jay Cyn10 months ago
Outcome of Betrayal
Heavy music has always served as an emotional outlet for its fans. Most people that listen to heavy, loud, and often aggressive music, just need a release from the stresses of everyday life. Sometimes, it helps just to know we aren't alone in what we're feeling. At a time in my life that should have crushed my hope, I found a group of people that inspired me to look at things in a more positive light, and it all started with Outcome of Betrayal. I have admittedly lived my life holding onto hate ...
Katherine Schaefer10 months ago
Till I See You Again
On this day, two years ago, I lost my best friend. I remember it so clearly, like it was yesterday. I awoke at 9:00 AM and rubbed my tired eyes. I checked my phone, and decided that it was time to sta...
Elizabeth Mustain10 months ago
Awake But Asleep
I close my eyes The day light dies The dreams soon flow, My imagination grows Stars shine and twinkle, In the dark blue sky The moon is all alone, And because of this, I cry. I run across the sands of...
Annie Kendall10 months ago
Getting Involved in the Exciting World of LARP
I stood in the middle of the battlefield, sweating a little under the chain mail vest I was wearing as protection. The heat was scorching, but the line of orcs came ever onward, and the sword in my ha...
Paul Levinson10 months ago
Review of Game of Thrones 7.3
A conversation for the ages between Jon and Daenerys on Game of Thrones 7.3 last night, with each not giving an inch, dignified and persuasive, and in the end, Daenerys agreeing more or less to help i...
Bobby Tequila10 months ago
My Haiku #3
stronger than you think never surrender to dirt one brick of a wall
Paul Levinson10 months ago
Review of Twin Peaks: The Return 1.12
A slightly subdued Twin Peaks: The Return 1.12 last night, with no song at the end. I mean, there was a three-piece band on the stage at the end, as the credits eventually rolled, and they were playin...