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What You Need to Capture Moody Portraits
I have been a self taught photographer for quite a while now, practicing many different styles and finally figuring out that my passion is moody visuals, mainly self portraits. In a few easy steps, wi...
Steve Gallegos2 days ago
You Develop from the Negatives
I began my career as a professional photographer well before the digital age. It was a time when photos were captured by using film. The camera itself worked pretty much the same as they do now, but i...
Shaking Bird3 days ago
Direct Painting: A How-To for Oils
So you want to learn about painting with oils. That ancient, noble craft passed down from the Rembrabdts and the Caravaggios of bygone days, and the Monets and Picassos, a medium so adept at capturing...
Marianna Draws3 days ago
Surviving Your Married Friends When You're the Last Single Person in Your Group
Getting older now, tick tock! Time is marching on! Is the shelf getting dusty? Of course, nothing can get worse than being the last single person left in your group!
10 Reasons Why 2019 Is the Year of the Period (Yes, That One)
Menstrual cycles have been considered taboo for far too long, period. Think about it, talking about menstrual health was a topic that was done in hushed voices, often with a tinge of disgust. Women, w...
Hannah Smart4 days ago
Talking with Andrew Yang, Our Best Hope for 2020
The 2020 Democratic Primaries are currently crawling with candidates hoping to face off against Donald Trump for the presidential bid, but one candidate stands out among the crowd, lurking in the back...

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