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Soraya Bowie5 months ago
I'm Scared For Today's Children
No matter what generation you were born into, there has always been something to fear: war, poverty, kidnapping. However, as we fly through 2018 today, I can’t help but think there are so many things ...
P. Guzzo5 months ago
Gaming and Emotion: The Wolf Bites Deep
Note: Minor Spoilers follow for The Wolf Among Us. All plot and character details have been omitted, but end game choices are mentioned. Not often enough today do I play a game where I truly become co...
Sandra Piddock5 months ago
Are Your Photographs CRAP?
A few months ago, I attended a presentation on photography for websites and articles. The presenter made us all sit up and take notice from the start by saying we should all produce CRAP images for ou...
Roman Gabrielo5 months ago
Sexy Snapchat Amateur Review: Lou Manners
Free porn is everywhere. It doesn’t take long to find whatever you want to tickle your fantasies just from searches on sites like Pornhub and Xxxhamster. What isn’t everywhere, however, is sexy amateu...
Rob Gordon5 months ago
Best Rookie Seasons in MLB History
It's incredibly difficult to break into professional sports. In baseball, the chances of even making it to the major leagues are slim to none. But for those blessed with enough talent, they will be re...
Cato Conroy5 months ago
What Are the Benefits of Investing in a Mutual Fund?
Mutual funds are some of the most popular investment vehicles on the stock market. These funds are investment programs that act like individual stocks, but are actually made of a wide range of differe...

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