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Jake Pine4 months ago
The Worst Defeats in US Military History
In America, the military is a major point of pride, and we almost always come away winners in military conflicts. One of our biggest military traditions is victory. But, things happen. Poor decisions ...
Deena Zaidi4 months ago
Social Media Moods and Market Movements
In 2013, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) confirmed that companies could announce "key information in compliance with Regulation Fair Disclosure (Regulation FD)" on social media platforms,...
Tiffany Wade4 months ago
The Sh*t They Don't Tell You: Lesson #1
"Dear God, please don't let me poop. Please, please don't let me poop when I push." Not exactly a prayer you'd expect from a woman, at the crisp young age of 19, while she's waiting to deliver her fir...
Londyn Nichole4 months ago
Growing Up
As a child I wanted nothing more than to grow up. To be an adult And live my own life. As a child I wanted nothing more than to be my own person. To be strong To be proud To be independent. As a child...
Max McFarlane4 months ago
Daiya Cheese Lover's Pizza
As a new vegan (fresh of only two months, vegetarian for three and a half years), I have to admit I have my doubts on certain vegan items. And when you had loved cheese as much as I did, pizza was on ...
Natasha Sydor5 months ago
Interview with Orson Scott Card, Co-Creator of Extinct
Orson Scott Card was the first ever author to win back-to-back Hugo and Nebula Awards with Ender's Game and Speaker of the Dead. With an impressive collection of books, plays, and short stories in his...

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