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Chelsea Kendrick5 months ago
I Tried J+S Blue Light Glasses and Here's How Much They Changed the Way I Work
As a newcomer to the workforce, I had no idea the effect staring at a computer screen all day would really have on my eyes. I mean, sure, I used my laptop a lot in college, but certainly not eight hou...
Best Craft Beer of 2018
American Craft Beer Week has come and gone, but don't feel too upset if you missed out on the festivities. We're living in the golden age of American craft brewing, with small and independent craft br...
Rebecca Zeglovitch5 months ago
3 Key Tips for Young Professionals
When you reach your college graduation, pretty much the only thing on your mind is excitement and pride that you’re finally done with the late night study sessions, the 8 AM classes, and the stress of...
Where Her Skeletons Hide
My heart beats faster each time I see her. I don't even know her name. I try to remember her features as if each time I see her could be the last time. She leaves a lingering scent behind her, roses a...
L.A Banks5 months ago
5 of the Eeriest Real-Life Hauntings EVER
If there’s one disclaimer that’s likely to make a ghost story more terrifying, it’s those oft-used words— everything I’m about to tell you is true. Made-up supernatural tales may send a shiver down ou...
Shandi Pace5 months ago
How John F. Kennedy Became a Cultural Icon
Tensions reached new heights due to marches on civil rights, women’s rights, the never-ending war in Vietnam and farmworker conditions. Although the majority of these movements began peacefully, the o...

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