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Anthony Gramuglia6 months ago
Best Sci-Fi Cult Classics of All Time
Most people are familiar with the greatest films in the science fiction genre, but you might be hard-pressed to name any of the best sci-fi cult classics of all time. You may ask "what differentiates a cult classic from a regular old classic?" After all, both classics and cult classics have great lines, great scenes, a loyal fanbase. What's the difference? Cult classics are the dark horses of cinema – underrated by mainstream audiences. They either flopped at the box office or the film's marketi...
Benjamin Wareing6 months ago
Sometimes It's Good to Take a Break...
Modern life is so very often dominated by routine and ritual, the little things in life that make the cogs keep turning and make everything seem normal. Without a ritual, routine or pattern in our lif...
N M6 months ago
Dyslexia - What You Don't Know
Let's start off by stating that I am dyslexic. Many of the sentences I write may or may not make sense, so I do apologise in advance. I will hopefully help people understand that dyslexia isn't just a...
Jason Schwartz6 months ago
Terrible Movies That Should Have Been Great
Movie making is a complex art. It takes more than a good idea to make a good movie. There are plenty of great ideas that end up being terrible movies. Whether it's the writing, acting or poor pacing, ...
Laura Odegard6 months ago
Trader Joe's Cauliflower Crust Pizza
Lately, I've been seeing cauliflower replace just about anything and everything in order to satisfy some craving... First, there were cauliflower "wings" in place of chicken wings, then it was caulifl...
Daniel Falconer6 months ago
Myths About Alcohol You Shouldn't Believe
If you’re of above legal drinking age, or for some of you, even if you’re below it, you’re likely to know exactly how it feels to go to the bar and order your first alcoholic drink. The excitement and...

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