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Anthony Beal4 months ago
It’s Not All About Cats at These Pet Cafés Around the World
The ubiquitous cat cafés popularized in Japan have changed the way people think about boutique tea and coffee establishments. There was a time, not long ago, when these animal-themed eateries, sometim...
Lucy Frampton4 months ago
A Weekend Trip to Experience While Traveling Canada
I have been living in Canada since November 2016, and I thought I should share my first hand experiences from here while I move from place to place. In the month of March my boyfriend, Dan, and myself...
Home Rev4 months ago
How and Why You Should Clean Your Mattress
In our recent blog posts, we’ve been talking a lot about spring-cleaning. You’ve cleaned over, around, and under your bed—but now it’s time to attack the mattress. When was the last time you cleaned y...
Rachel Thompson4 months ago
Which Stage of Survival Are You: Victim, Survivor, Thriver?
At what point does a sexual abuse survivor (or any trauma survivor) go from victim to survivor, from survivor to thriver? In our society, the term victim has a negative connotation (don’t be a victim!...
David Latchman4 months ago
Who Are the Steely-Eyed Men of Sci-Fi?
The term steely-eyed missile man is a complementary term rooted in NASA's Apollo history when flight controller John Aaron's quick thinking saved the Apollo 12 mission from disaster. It refers to an e...
Brittany McSorley4 months ago
Most Underrated Bands of the 80s
We’ve all over-committed on karaoke night and ruined “Tainted Love” for our friends and family, right? There’s no denying that the 1980s gave us some of the most memorable one-hit wonders and music ic...

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