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Paul Yates3 months ago
The Top 9 Best Excuses for the Absentee Client
Wake up 5 AM sharp, your carefully macro balanced breakfast has been polished off, your meals for the day are prepped. On the way to work you pick up your Double Shot Starbucks already waiting, slotte...
My World in You
From the air I breathe to the warm touch and caress of your hands. A touch as though I’ve just been kissed by the sun. The peace I find when I get lost in you. Never have I been so struck by such a co...
Rowan Marley3 months ago
Top Women in Cryptocurrency You Should Know About
Most people who are influencers in the cryptocurrency world are men—or so it seems, anyway. With the struggle to keep women in STEM, it's to be expected that seeing female thought leaders in the crypt...
Riley Reese3 months ago
Best Books on Investing Ever Written
Investing is regularly cited as the best way to make money without having to spend hours of your days doing backbreaking work. It's all about making your money work for you—and truthfully, it's one of...
cat jagoe3 months ago
Side Door
Do you remember the night we met? We barely said a word, just danced. You asked for my name and I told you. I asked for yours, you replied, but the music drowned it out. Later you'd tell me how every ...
7 Things Queen Elizabeth II and Anna Wintour Probably Talked About
In case you missed it, Queen Elizabeth and Anna Wintour are now best friends. Okay, fine, they’re two awesome women who have met on at least two occasions and then hung out at London Fashion Week, and...

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