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Natasha Sydor3 months ago
Moments Where Pop Culture Actually Got Consent Right
Pop culture has long since been known to cause a lot of misconceptions about dating, consent, and all other social constructs. Pop culture birthed terrible ideas like "the Friendzone," and the plot th...
Jacob A. Rivas3 months ago
The Best Generals of All Time
Humans have always gone to war. It's one of the most common themes in human history, and as such, has been the focal point of many major aspects of the human condition, our cultures, and even the stor...
Hunter Raey3 months ago
Five Things to Love About Being the Military Girlfriend
There are a LOT of articles out there about how much we hate being the military girlfriend. Not enough contact, not quite important enough in the military world, being the last to know about ANYTHING....
Mackenzie Kennedy3 months ago
Tips For New Military Wives
If there is any kind of spouse that has it rough, even when things are good, it's military wives. Military wives face a unique combination of stressors that can make even the strongest relationship fa...
Glenn Bushinski3 months ago
Presidents that Served in the Military
Throughout the history of the United States, it is a commonly understood belief that the presidents that served in the military have learned both the cost of freedom and how to respect that cost. They...
Ossiana Tepfenhart3 months ago
Celebrities that Served in WWII
At the start of WWII, countless people took up arms to fight against the Axis powers, from the rich to the poor, all for the good cause – and, yes, there were even celebrities that served in WWII. I d...

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