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Madeline Zenk5 days ago
Worst Fashion Mistakes That Women Make
We all want to look and feel our best. How we present ourselves on a daily basis, to the world and to ourselves, is important because mastering this art enables us to achieve our goals. How we put our...
Jessica Critch5 days ago
Top 10 Magical Disney Instagram Stores
I've learned that by spending enormous amounts of time on social media platforms such as Instagram that there's about every account you can think of—for better or for worse. Take me, for example! I lo...
Katie McGuire5 days ago
Biggest Summer Fashion Trends
I am the self-proclaimed trend expert (sorry Anna Wintour)! I pay attention to the outfits I see on Instagram, on fashion blogs, and what people are wearing when I'm out and about. This summer I'm fal...
Allie Brown5 days ago
Plus-Sized Shopping: 9 Quick Tips for Asian E-commerce
E-commerce (noun): commercial transactions conducted electronically on the Internet. via: google.com Shopping on websites based in Asia is becoming more and more common in our society. Shirts, pants, ...
How to Avoid the Post-Wedding Come Down
The months building up to your wedding day can be all-consuming. Even if there’s not actually much to do, because you’ve been on the ball, it can take up a lot of mental space just in anticipation. Pe...
Best Classic Cars of the 50s
If you ask me, the 1950s was the first golden era of sports cars. The post-World War II period invited technological advancements, stronger motors, faster cars, and a wide variety of never-before-seen...

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