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Exxxotica: A Sex Writer's Experience
If you've read my work, you already know I'm a sex writer. I've written for Pucker Mob, Bolde, YourTango, and a bunch of other names in the industry. I've done my fair share of wild stuff in the past, but nothing was quite like attending Exxxotica — one of the biggest adult industry conventions in America. This was my first year attending, and I got to cover it! Grabbing my fiancé along for the ride, here's what ended up happening while I was there, what made the event so much fun, and the insid...
Green told me he hates you July is the righthand corner I see Wednesday on the side One is not that lonely, but he won’t admit it (He likes to brag about his fame) The seasons are circles Have you eve...
Jus L'amore9 days ago
5 Problems I Never Expected in My Thirties
We all know I suffer from P.P.S. (Peter Pan Syndrome) but even so, I have never denied the inevitable. The fact that as time goes on and I grow older, everything changes. Not just my skin and body but...
Healing From a Toxic Parent
A toxic parent, by definition, is someone whose negative behaviour inflicts emotional damage on a child's sense of self. This negative behaviour can come in many forms (emotional, physical, ect...) bu...
Adam Williams9 days ago
Watford v Arsenal
After a fairly comfortable first half, Arsenal opened up the scoring with a Per Mertesacker header. This was the 'BFG's' first start in the Premier League since April 2016. Coming out the second half,...
George Herman9 days ago
Basic Rules of Soccer Every Beginner Should Know
A complete guide to understanding soccer is a challenge to grasp in of itself. Not everyone may know the rules and regulations behind the game. I would raise the argument that the only people in the w...

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