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What Your Car Says About You
Your car is a statement about yourself. It says who you are, how you will likely drive, and what kind of life you live. Have you ever wondered what your car says about you, or what people think about ...
Neal Litherland4 days ago
5 Tips For Playing Better Rogues
We all think we've got a handle on the rogue. They're trap spotters, skullduggerers, thieves, blackguards, and all-around bastards. Their moral compass points toward gold, and there is no trick too lo...
Peter Rose4 days ago
Are Electric Cars Going To Save The World?
Will Electric cars save the world? We are living through a period of change. The ancient Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu said the only constant thing in the universe is change. What we have learned in the...
I am a big fan of all the great things technology has enabled us to do, and also what it has enabled us to not have to do. While many people are still working at jobs they ultimately would not have ch...
Annie Kiely4 days ago
15 Nostalgic Car Features You'll Never Forget
If you've been driving a long time, you may recognize some of these older car features, and even miss them when driving newer cars. Younger people may not even realize that many of the standard featur...
Kayla Powell4 days ago
Service Dog Dilemma
Imagine this, you're walking through the supermarket and as you turn down the next aisle, you spot a dog. You squeal the word "puppy" and walk up to the dog and pet it. That's when you notice the vest...

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