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Jose Soto16 days ago
El Paso: The Steps Toward Change
My parent's house in El Paso, Texas, the house I grew up in, is a few blocks away from the border between the United States and Mexico. From the rooftop of that house, you can see Ciudad Juárez. In pa...
Ellen Howell17 days ago
Fear and Fiction
When we discuss horror in literature, there are several things to keep in mind. What are the cultural currents of the time? What is its era? What characterizes the fear which might be felt by those sp...
GWNN Bash 2019
This weekend, I attended my first fetish convention and it was quite an eye-opener. For my part, I've been active in the fetish scene for about a year. During this time, I've been very much enjoying k...
Jennifer Zeven20 days ago
Discipline, Control, Outrage, and a Mannequin
This piece was originally published on Medium.
Teresa Marangon20 days ago
What to Expect When Adopting a Senior Dog
When adopting a dog, many people tend to contact the local breeder and/or the local pet store to check on the available puppies. Others might go to the local animal shelter and wander around the kenne...
Georgi Kate21 days ago
Discussing the Importance of Respecting a Memorial (And How We Can Still Learn from the Yolocaust Project)
This June, before heading to a (blistering hot) Berlin, just a week earlier I found myself discussing the topic of respectful behaviour at memorials and sights of tragedy with friends. Our discussion ...

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