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Dianne Halloway15 days ago
DianneHalloway Interdisciplinary
The subtitle might make you believe the start of this log is gonna be a fairytale. Sike! Instead, this is quite adjacent. The affliction of copycatting done by big sneaker brands is far too prevalent. Years ago, in an age where every false move can be quickly spread by social media, I watched a design of mine replicate on the biggest platform without my permission. It was no surprise—sneaker brands have only historically grown by copying. It's an epidemic and today more prevalent than ever for m...
How to Get a Job as a Web Developer
Job searching sucks. It's probably one of the most challenging, and if you're like me, depressing experiences you'll go through. This is especially true if you're entering a new industry, or if you're...
Lorraine Woiak18 days ago
Men and Mental Health
We often hear stories and statistics about women suffering from mental illnesses. But oftentimes, men are sidelined in this conversation. The stigma around mental health often hurts the chances of peo...
Rachel Warren20 days ago
Ex Military Vets - True Stories
I have been working with ex military vets who have kindly shared their horrific war stories with me. As Soldiers... We soldier on. This was a repeated phrase used by many of our heroes. I have been co...
Jules Fortman21 days ago
11 Things You Didn’t Know About Women’s Hygiene
Menstrual Hygiene Day brings to light the importance of feminine hygiene, and therefore brings attention to all the women around the world who may not have access to the hygiene products they need to ...
Blake O'Connor22 days ago
Sci-Fi Movies with Philosophical Themes
All great movies, much like art, are made to stir the imagination of the viewer. Skilled directors even have an adept understanding about how genre, setting, characters, and plot can make an audience ...

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