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Rowan Marley2 years ago
A Beginner's Guide to Understanding GMOs
Decades ago, scientists began to realize that there were major problems with a lot of the crops that were being grown. They were being eaten by bugs, often produced way too little to be profitable, an...
Annie Kiely2 years ago
Best Online Lingerie Boutiques
The perfect lingerie can be difficult to find. Different body types, preferences, and requirements can make finding the perfect piece tedious and frustrating. Luckily, online shopping has opened a new...
How Social Media Would Have Destroyed Our Political Heroes
Social media has only held sway over three presidents in American history, and, in that time, it has reshaped the political landscape. Presidents have risen and fallen thanks to the internet's influen...
Natasha Sydor2 years ago
Why I Only Travel Solo And You Should Too
"A stranger sees us the way we are, not as he wishes to think we are." —Shadow of the Wind Exposed inquisitive exploration—that is what it means to travel the world, and in my case, solo; where experi...
Miranda O'Conner2 years ago
Relationship Mistakes Men are Prone to Make
Relationships for whatever reason tend to be a difficult subject matter for men. Maybe it's society's stigma on men emoting and feeling out their personalities that keep an entire gender from explorin...
Annie Kiely2 years ago
Health Hacks for a Healthier You
There are so many ways to improve our health that it can be overwhelming to know where to start. Exercise, diet, lifestyle, and emotional health are all important. Getting healthier in every way is a ...

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