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Worst Restaurant Chains Ever Made
The restaurant chain world has seen quite a few outstanding franchises in its time. Joe's Crab Shack and Buffalo Wild Wings, for example, have a ton of loyal fans who use them as their go-to venues. E...
Monica Ruiz2 years ago
My Adventure with Mary Jane
If you had asked me at 16, "Would you ever smoke weed?", I would have probably given you a disgruntled face and said "Never!" That was bullshit. Before I had my first encounter with "Mary Jane," canna...
Top Vacation Spots for History Nerds
Everyone has different preferences when they travel. Some people need to be able to relax on the beach and get some sun. Others love to camp in the woods and be one with nature. And some people live f...
Anthony Pullano2 years ago
The Warp Drive: A Crash Course In Relativity
The estimates from the Hubble Telescope suggest that there are upwards of 100 billion galaxies in the universe. Each with millions upon millions of stars (the Milky Way is a smaller galaxy with around...
Neal Litherland2 years ago
It's Okay To Admit There Are Problems In Your Hobby
When you're a geek, your hobby is your happy place. Whether it's the flying of digital lead in the latest first-person shooter, the shuffle of Magic cards, the wood pulp aroma of comic books, or the r...
Brooklyn Hughes2 years ago
How My First Love Is Still Ruining Everything
I remember everything about the very first moment I saw him -- really saw him. We had been in the same class all year, but for some reason, on that particular afternoon I looked over my left shoulder ...

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