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Alexius McCoy2 years ago
How to Work from Home and Be Successful
If you are looking into working from home and you aren't sure if you will be able to do it, you have come to the right place. Here's all you need to know about working from home and being the best at ...
Casey Parker2 years ago
Testing... 1, 2. Testing
This is going to sound a little pointless. I assure you, it's not. Today, I took a retest. That's totally normal; the weird bit is that I aced the thing the first time. That may seem masochistic. That...
Gods and Goddesses of Death in Mythology
In order for the good to be considered ‘good’, we need the binary opposite. This demand for balance is woven all throughout life, with ‘death’ being what gives life 'life'. In religion, the gods of de...
Carol Seymour2 years ago
The Hard Cold Truth About Depression
Depression comes in different levels for different people. Medical experts tell us that we're depressed if we do the following: 1) sleep too much 2) lose excessive weight 3) look and feel lifeless 4) ...
Changing the Venue
Netflix debuted its $60 million original movie War Machine in late May. The reviews for the Afghan War-era film starring Brad Pitt were all over the place, from mildly rapturous to downright vicious. But if a recent study is to be believed, television viewers have made a decision about changing their moviegoing habits in a way that makes Netflix and other streaming services war machines themselves. The legacy studios are not happy. In its May study of streaming video service use, Fluent LLC, a N...
Natasha Sydor2 years ago
This Fictional Memo to the President from 1989 Predicted Terrorism in the US
Editor's Note from Omni, 1989: On my corner, the drug guys hang out cracking (which in this context means trading insults) until launched to the pay phone by their beeping pagers. Current fashion dict...

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