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Katie Marchbank2 years ago
10 Ways to Protect Your Bodily Autonomy
People seem to be obsessed with taking away a woman's bodily autonomy. It's why there's a war on abortion, why many pharmacists refuse to hand over birth control, and why doctors might even lie about ...
Chelsea Pullano2 years ago
Women's Health Organizations You Need to Know
Women's health has been under attack for the past decade, and it's really beginning to show in more ways than one. Unfortunately, many women are finding it harder and harder to actually get the health...
Rachel A. David2 years ago
Best Books about Overlooked Women in History
Rosa Parks. Amelia Earhart. Cleopatra. Jackie Kennedy. Joan of Arc. These are just a few names on the long list of women who have unequivocally changed the course of history through their work, talent...
Chelsea Kendrick2 years ago
How to Stop the Red Pill Phenomenon from Spreading
Among feminists, there is a strong call to stop the Red Pill phenomenon from spreading. If you don't know what the Red Pill is, it's an internet community known for misogyny and telling men to emotion...
Patricia Sarkar2 years ago
Moments Where Pop Culture Actually Got Consent Right
Pop culture has long since been known to cause a lot of misconceptions about dating, consent, and all other social constructs. Pop culture birthed terrible ideas like "the Friendzone," and the plot th...
Jacob A. Rivas2 years ago
The Best Generals of All Time
Humans have always gone to war. It's one of the most common themes in human history, and as such, has been the focal point of many major aspects of the human condition, our cultures, and even the stor...

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