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Sean Patrick2 years ago
Movie Review: 'Friend Request'
Friend Request is yet another failed attempt to combine social media and horror. It really shouldn’t be that hard to combine the two when you consider the daily horrors that social media enacts upon u...
Tanisha Dagger2 years ago
Being a Woman in 2017
Women have come a long way from what we were associated with many years ago. However, some people still believe that we should still be associated with the times of the past. This may be because it is...
Cato Conroy2 years ago
Best Car Maintenance Apps
Maintaining your car isn't easy, especially when you're in a busy, crazy world with an equally crazy work schedule. It only takes a little bit of time every month — or even every couple of months — to...
Healthiest Wines to Drink
Yes, wine. One of the greatest drinks to binge on and eat with a variety of foods. From sparkling to red and white, you can easily enjoy and have a great time with friends, or even by yourself — like ...
A Real Joint Venture
Few things say “normal” like television, our public square, our soapbox in Hyde Park, our platform for the popular and unpopular alike. For friends of herb who watch TV, BurnTV, a new West Coast-based...
Darryl Richie2 years ago
The False Prophet
I’m a huge fan of Investigation Discovery, and two weeks ago I came across a new show called Shattered. Shattered is about the impact of a crime, and what follows that life-changing collision. Connect...

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