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Patricia Sarkar2 years ago
How To Make Your Home a Smart Home
If you've ever watched any sci-fi movie ever, you've probably seen the futuristic vision of a smart home. There's something incredibly cool about being able to talk to your home, have your home respon...
Catchiest Metal Cover Songs
Most people cast metal aside as one of those music genres that is all about screaming to the sound of thrashing guitar riffs. For some bands, this might be true. After all, not all metal bands are goo...
Sandra Fender2 years ago
Escaping the Rat Race!
In every civic and civil society, in every city, town, and village in the western hemisphere, the UK notwithstanding, you will find the masses going off to work for their employer. Some work five or s...
Paul Levinson2 years ago
Review of Game of Thrones 7.4
Well, this is the episode of Game of Thrones we've been waiting for — or at least, one of the episodes. In 7.4, we finally get to see one of the fearsome fire spewing dragons in battle... against Jaim...
K P2 years ago
Planning for Pregnancy, Fertility Facts and Alternative Methods
When it comes to reproduction, fertility is the number one focus for many. Some people aren't able to conceive naturally. Studies have shown that one in seven women will have problems with infertility...
Jose Gabriel2 years ago
What It Means to be Canadian
What do you think makes you a Canadian? Is it about just living in the country? Owning a passport that declares so? Root for the Maple Leaf’s next game? Even being a fan of hockey for that matter? Doe...

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