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C.C. Curtisa year ago
Musicians Who Hate Their Fans
If you listen to music (if you don't, are you even human?), then you must have some favorite artists that you always jam out to. You become fond of their style in music genre and constantly stick to w...
Jack Maynea year ago
Fitting In
Straight, Bi, Gay, Trans, what do all of these names have in common? They’re all labels, labels that people expect you to fit in. Why do we have to fit in the first place? Why can’t we just be ourselv...
Siya Nathana year ago
What Exactly Happens in a Kidney Transplant Surgery?
Your kidneys are bean-shaped organs, each located at the opposite side of your abdominal region. Like every other organ, your kidneys are in charge of elimination of waste products from our body. Wast...
Emma Kitscha year ago
On Anorexia
According to psychology today, the definition of an eating disorder is, “The persistent disturbance of eating patterns that lead to poor physical or psychological health”. It’s an easy enough definiti...
Where Do You Find Your Strength?
Where does your strength come from? Where do you feel like you are in "the zone?" You know what I'm talking about when I say your "zone." In your zone, you are focused and concentrated on the task at ...
Fall in Love with London
London has always been a huge tourist destination in Western Europe. It is a city that has been featured hundreds of times in both film and TV. London is a place that anybody can visualize and tell yo...

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