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Grace English 2 years ago
From STEM to ESL
Having dedicated (or sacrificed, depending on your point of view) the final 5 years of my 20s to taking a foundation degree in physics and maths, followed by a Bachelor’s degree in physics, I am frequ...
Joseph Farley2 years ago
Best Super Mario Bros. Games Ever Created
It's not a stretch to say the Italian plumber, Super Mario, has influenced almost every adventure-style game that came after it. These massive video game worlds of today wouldn't exist without the ico...
Anik Marchand2 years ago
The Day I Thought I Needed to Shave My Head
It was a cold-ish November day, about a week after my mom’s birthday (I remember because we had to go to my cousin’s for a late birthday dinner for my mom that evening). My sister and my brother-in-la...
Best Gifts for Veterans They'll Actually Love
When a veteran returns home, they often are shaken from what they've seen on the battlefield. They missed everyone back home, and they often are yearning to have time to spend with the people who supp...
Queen Fae2 years ago
The Hooded Nightmare
A man stood there, staring at her. The stranger who always haunted her in her dreams. He was standing in the middle of a field with dead, decaying animals as far as the eye could see. The fowl stench ...
Alina Gallupe2 years ago
How To Curb Your Cat's Nocturnal Activity
As any cat owner knows by now, cats are essentially nocturnal creatures. Whether they are getting random bursts of energy and running all around your bedroom or biting your toes, this nocturnal activi...

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