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Ryan Frawley9 days ago
Never Home
Blame it on Brexit. I never thought the vote would go the way it did, and that the country I was born in would decide to tear itself away from the rest of Europe. I thought I’d always be an EU citizen...
Hope Martinez9 days ago
A Black Boy's Mother
I can storm the streets in anger, Yelling loud - with fire in my hand, A rasp to my voice. I can fly to Charlottesville, To protest the injustice, Scream at the streets and light fire in their faces. ...
Melanie Maure11 days ago
New York, Higher Consciousness, and a Slice as Big as Your Head
She lowers her copy of 'The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks' and sees I am daunted, lost, nervous, and facing the spiky shrew that is my own pride. She smiles at me. It is the direct look-you-in-the-...
Jesheckah Lynn12 days ago
The Secret World that Exists Within Japanese Temples
Traveling Japan, it is easy to see that everything is well ordered. Even for a country that is so well known in terms of allowing nature and modern construction to co-exist, most of the natural experi...
Jack Emerald13 days ago
My Poshmark Experience
I signed up for Poshmark at 2:20 AM on a cold Wednesday on the second day of January, 2019. My experience so far has been good, bad, and ugly.
Paige Graffunder13 days ago
Finding Light in Darkness
I am an atheist. I hold to no gods, no faith, no religion. I don’t have a problem with people finding faith comforting, but I don’t believe in proselytizing and I think that “mission trips” are just a...

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