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James Giles5 days ago
'Twin Peaks' 2017: Laura Is The One
It's been a hell of ride since the finale of Twin Peaks: The Return. Watching the two-parter live was unforgettable, a bracingly raw emotional experience that ran the gamut of thrills, laughs, unbeara...
Swaay 5 days ago
“Made In Africa:” Changing Women’s Lives With Shea Butter
Rahama Wright, a first generation Ghanian, was no stranger to the difficulties that encumber women’s lives in Africa. Growing up, her mother would tell her stories of how different her childhood was v...
Katie Marchbank6 days ago
DIY Home Upgrades That Cost Less Than $100
Pinterest has become infamous for starting a huge trend in DIY home upgrades - many of which might require you to have professional-level skills to do. If you're good at what you do, and don't mind sh...
Mike Mavenful6 days ago
Pros and Cons of the National Guard
A military career is something many of us have considered in passing. We've wondered if it's the right choice for us, if it can provide as well as people say it will, and possibly if it's actually som...
Unusual Ways to Make Your Car Last Longer
Cars, to a point, are bad investments. Even with the utmost care, your car will have signs of wear and tear. Eventually, even the most well-maintained car will break down. Reliability is a huge part o...
Best Cheap Rosé Wine on the Market
Rosé wine has long been somewhat maligned among wine connoisseurs — particularly among purists, due to the fact that it's a blend of different wines together. However, over the years, people have begu...

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