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Elaine T4 days ago
Top 5 Sativas for Energy & Creativity
With the legal marijuana market becoming more prevalent in more parts of the world (like in Canada), we are seeing a great increase in the number of businesses opening up in cannabis. With this new ma...
Peter Ellis4 days ago
Life as a Movie Extra
Even though I've bored a lot of my friends to death with this subject, there are still people in the world that do not know I'm an occasional film extra. It's unusual, especially in a quiet, stuck-in-...
InMotion Albums5 days ago
Make Wedding Plans You'll Love
These 4 metaphors will help you plan your wedding.
Sabrina Oneale5 days ago
Why Hiring a Wedding Planner is the Best Decision
You’re in heavenly shock. The love of your life just made the grandest proposal for you to be their one and only, forever and ever. Ring photos have been snapped, posted, and shared. Mom, dad, your be...
Top 10 Things to NOT Do in Rehab
A Handy Guide to Basic Survival, Mental Health Etiquette, and Avoiding Relationship Pitfalls
Lorna Vause5 days ago
Wedding Color Schemes for Every Season
One of the best parts of wedding planning is hands down, choosing the wedding themes and the color combos. Why? There are many reasons. Colors create excitement. Colors help to generate the mood and o...

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