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Samantha Bentley17 days ago
11 Things About Labour and Birth That No One Talks About
Two weeks ago, I gave birth to my first son Roman. He arrived at 6AM on January 8, four days early, on the date I wanted. I asked my belly and he listened. He shares his birthday with Bowie, Elvis, an...
The Future of Modeling: An Interview with Swiss Model Manuela Frey
A true covergirl, Manuela Frey knows how to rock the runway. One of the busiest models in the fashion scene, she has achieved a ton already and the vivacious young Swiss model is happy to share her th...
Alystair Kade19 days ago
Pleasure Points: A Tale of a Smut Writer
I joined Wattpad in 2012 after the demise of Inkpop (gone, but surely not forgotten). I wanted an outlet where I could showcase my written stories and engage with other writers like me hoping one day ...
The Millers19 days ago
Don’t Avoid Having a Vision
Over the last few days, I have really been digging through old notebooks and going back to the plan that I created for my work this year (instead of making six more plans lol 🙃). Last year, I did the...
Jenn Melon20 days ago
What Do You Think About These Valentine’s Day Traditions?
Before I begin, if you would like to participate in these polls, I post these very often on my Instagram stories, @JennMelon. Feel free to be involved! Also tips are always appreciated—they go towards...
Your Slavery Footprint—How the Choices You Make Every Day Harms People and the Planet
As the new generation of young people, Millenials, Gen Z’s and the ones to follow, we are known for our fast fashion and trends that come and go quicker than night turns into day. Whilst some of us dw...

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