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How My Claircognizance Makes Me Crazy
Claircognizance is defined as “clear knowing,” which I have in abundance. It is a sixth sense, which is helping my five physical senses of sight, touch, smell, hearing, and taste. I have normal senses...
Kristen Lee4 days ago
Top Ten Tips for Disneyland Trips
Disneyland. I love it. I hate crowds, and screaming children, and being run over by strollers, and to be honest, the guys in the suits creep me out a bit, but I absolutely love the madness that comes ...
My Worst Date Story: Bulgogi, Barf, & Bae
Strap in, folks. This is going to get wholesome (and gross). *** It was a dark and stormy night... Just kidding, it was a mind-numbingly normal and boring night. Couldn't have been less interesting if...
Carly Owens4 days ago
Funniest Post Malone Memes to Grace the Internet
Post Malone is a pretty interesting character, and his music and looks are easy to have fun with—and the internet has noticed. Recently, a flood of memes have been circulating the web, all using cleve...
Jack Keane4 days ago
30 Curious and Obscure Words, Phrases, & Insults (Which Are Totally Not All About One Specific Tremendously Stable Genius)
Lexicography is a wonderful thing. The study of words and language, the strange and fascinating ways in which these words came to be, and how they have linguistically evolved over time, is a subject r...
George Herman5 days ago
Popular Video Game Characters with Celebrity Voice Actors
Voice acting has long been a gateway for actors and actresses to broaden their talents in many ways than in a live-action setting, or it has been used to test their skills for far better horizons. Cer...

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