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David Wyld13 days ago
The Next Kardashians?
We live in an age of personal branding. In a world where Instagram follows and click-through rates are everything, we know one, basic marketing fact: celebrity sells! From the Kardashian Klan to LeBro...
Marvel Characters We Could See After 'Endgame'
The insanely successful first phase to the Marvel Cinematic Universe's evolution is about to reach it's climax with the release of Avengers Endgame later this month. While Marvel purists and casual vi...
Harrison Galgut15 days ago
Dark and Light? The Art of Subject
We all know about light and how it interacts with a camera. We all know that black and white are dangerous places to play in when editing. Sometimes we all make mistakes when adjusting our shadows and...
Billy Trotter16 days ago
Everything You Need to Know About a Japanese Picnic Party
When was the last time that you gathered all your loved ones for a picnic party? Be it a weekend getaway or a local get-together, picnics are the best approach to spend quality time with your friends ...
Jessica Jolia16 days ago
"Having strong enemies is a blessing." As if taken straight from the closing chapter of an autobiography, the chilling statement would soon become the late rapper's final Tweet. Though Hussle previous...
Becoming ABW
I started this blog when I was 16. I was a sophomore in college and decided it was time to make an account that focused on what interested me. Since there was really no representation for Black Women,...

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