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Amanda Stampera year ago
Best Gifts for Someone With Depression
Say you or someone you know has been stuck in a deep depression for some time and you aren't quite sure what to do about it. Dealing with depression can be tough, and you aren't exactly a doctor so yo...
Dan Radaka year ago
5 Car Maintenance Tips Every Driver Should Know
Regular car maintenance is the only way to ensure your car is running in top condition. Yet a lot of drivers know very little about their cars, other than driving them, and pay the local mechanic a lo...
Angel Sotoa year ago
Mic Check One Two - My Observations From Attending Local Showcases
In one way or another I have been a part of the Tampa Bay music scene since 2001. Because of this involvement, I find myself at plenty of open mics and showcase. Often I am asked to judge or critique ...
Skunk Uzekia year ago
What Is Synthetic Weed Made Of?
I've been a very strong opponent of synthetic weed. It's the only drug that I honestly think has no benefits and does nothing but hurt its users. What is terrifying about synthetic weed, aside from th...
Surviving Student Life: A U.K. Guide
In the U.K., becoming a student at a university can be a monumental stepping stone in your life; it's the leap away from the confines of your home, your parents, and your friends (and those people you...
Lauren Harsha year ago
12 Profiles You'll See Online Dating as a Lesbian
Like many of my peers, I have a love-hate relationship with 21st century dating, mostly because I am not good at it. It is rare to meet someone in the 18-24 age bracket, especially in the gay communit...

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