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Call of Duty
Call of Duty is one of the most influential game series of the last decade. I have very clear memories of Black Ops taking my hometown by storm; it was more or less a cardinal sin to not have played/o...
Katana Haley2 years ago
Sharpening Your Sales Strategy The Easy Way
Before you can expect the sales to start pouring in, you need a sales strategy. Even if you’re generating revenue without a strategy, it may not be long-lived. For example, if you land national or int...
Joseph Farley2 years ago
Best MLS Soccer Stadiums
Despite not being all over mainstream sports talk, the MLS is growing at a steady clip. Since its inception, most of the MLS teams haven't been playing in soccer-specific stadiums, and instead had to ...
Mark Turner2 years ago
Best Motorcycle Helmets for Every Type of Rider
As a motorcycle owner, purchasing a helmet is one of the most complicated processes, considering the range of choices. It should be taken very seriously, and is important to understand each of your op...
Alyssa Miller2 years ago
The First Trimester Is NO Fun
Just a quick pre-warning, this post will be honestly detailing what it has been like for me being pregnant in the first trimester. Pregnancy. It's supposed to be a wonderful time and experience no? We...
Kyle Vandenberg2 years ago
Lace 'Em up, Seattle
Exactly 100 years ago, the first ever American-based hockey team won the Stanley Cup. This was before the days of the NHL proper, when the regular season champions in both the Pacific Coast Hockey Lea...

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Eight Years Later: Game of Thrones Contest
Vocal is bringing “Game of Thrones’-loving creators together for another community-wide contest. Submit your most heartfelt, surprising, or life-changing stories about how GOT has affected you for a chance to win $500. Use #VocalGOT to enter.
Poets in Motion
We’re celebrating National Poetry Month with our first poetry contest. Submit your most artistic, emotional, or hilarious original poetry inspired by movement—whatever that means to you. Use #VocalNPM to enter.
Dear Donald
Open letters to the President of the United States from the people of the world. Submit your own grievances, praises, and suggestions through Vocal today.