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Matthew Baileya year ago
How the Fox/Disney $50 Billion Merger Will Impact the Entertainment Industry
Although it has been rumored for some time, the official announcement came in mid December that Disney would acquire a majority of 21st Century Fox for an astounding $52.4 billion. This anticipated me...
Louie Crossa year ago
Thinking About You
I thought about you today, but that was nothing new. I thought about you yesterday, and the day before that too. I thought about the way we kissed, you were my only one. I thought about the way you sm...
Carlos Gonzaleza year ago
The 'List: Best (Depending On Who You Ask) of 2017
Hello, one and all. If any of you follow my posts, you all know by now that I do not listen; or rather barely to, any new music, unless it's by an artist that I'm still willing to validate and listen ...
Manda Krashnaka year ago
8 Tips for All College Students
College has been very stressful thus far, but I am sure that you can avoid that with some helpful tips!
Anna Olveraa year ago
The 25 Most Unimaginable Torture Devices
During Medieval Times, mainly nobles and royalty had pretty much power over men and society at large. Although when it came to "justice" it wasn't any different. Most people with low resources such as...
Mike Charesta year ago
The People vs. 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi'
A Review's Honest Attempt to Play Judge

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