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Jessica Herring10 months ago
Best Jobs for Basketball Fans
Basketball is a fun and energetic sport. If you are currently unemployed and are a die hard basketball fan then go after what you want and work in the basketball industry. These jobs might be the righ...
Celeste Jackson10 months ago
When you think of power, what is it you're picturing? Armies? Politicians? Hordes of genetically modified scorpions intent on decimating the world's population so they can rule over the tasty, tasty a...
Chelsea Kendrick10 months ago
Dear Donald, Why So Sovereign?
Dear Donald, I'm writing you to discuss the speech you gave in front the United Nations General Assembly. I'm not too pleased with what I heard from you, and many others aren't either. In order to com...
Jacqueline Hanikeh10 months ago
What to Know About the Army National Guard
A lot of us know alot about the Navy, the Air Force, the Marines, Coast Guard, etc. But what about the Army National Guard? Most of us have heard of it before, but don't quite know enough about it. An...
Sean Patrick10 months ago
Movie Review: 'Friend Request'
Friend Request is yet another failed attempt to combine social media and horror. It really shouldn’t be that hard to combine the two when you consider the daily horrors that social media enacts upon u...
Tanisha Dagger10 months ago
Being a Woman in 2017
Women have come a long way from what we were associated with many years ago. However, some people still believe that we should still be associated with the times of the past. This may be because it is...

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