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Shandi Pacea year ago
How John F. Kennedy Became a Cultural Icon
Tensions reached new heights due to marches on civil rights, women’s rights, the never-ending war in Vietnam and farmworker conditions. Although the majority of these movements began peacefully, the o...
How Bitcoin Will Become Valuable in Our Society
Bitcoin is not just a buzzword, and it's time that mainstream media stops behaving like it is. It has proven to be a valuable investment and a trailblazer in both finance and tech industries—and an in...
Sarah Ahmeda year ago
How Hitting Rock Bottom May Be the Best Thing That Has Ever Happened to You
This is for all those people who think they have hit rock bottom in their lives. You think that this is as bad as it gets and it possibly can’t get any worse. There are times in our lives when everyth...
GLAUX CHEM a year ago
Science-Backed Reasons Why You’ll Love Pomegranate Seed Oil
The skincare world has become increasingly interested in superfoods and the benefits they impart on skin. That’s why companies have begun to advertise ingredients like hemp oil, carrot seed oil, and o...
Theory: '...Ready for It?'
Many theories are going around about Taylor Swift’s new music video “…Ready For It?” It’s safe to say that Swift is keeping to the theme of herself versus her past, as shown in her music video “Look W...
The Funeral Industry
What’s a woman’s role in the funeral industry? From my view, nothing of any respect. That probably sounds a little harsh, and granted, I am speaking from my own personal experiences (which are many an...

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