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Alyssa Hutchins10 months ago
First Grade Technology?!
When I was in first grade I think the greatest technology I'd ever seen was a crayon melter and an old school projector (those were cool back then)! Now, I teach first grade and what I had handed to m...
Gabrielle Fuentes10 months ago
The Scoop on Edibles
Marijuana has been used for an array of things. From paper to medicine, this bad boy has been around for thousands of years, treating anything from toothaches to chronic pain one beautiful bud at a ti...
Brooke Jenkins10 months ago
Horror Movies to Watch With the Lights Off
Looking for some new movies to send chills down your spine? I have a few suggestions.
Virginia Fuentes10 months ago
When He Breaks Your Heart... Again
Well, he's done it again. He found a way to get back in your heart and to trick you into believing "he's changed." Now, you're sitting at home, sad and heartbroken for the millionth time, and asking y...
Riley Raul Reese10 months ago
Ways Investors Deal with Market Volatility
If you're just beginning to invest in the stock market, you have a lot to learn. You have to learn what is an ETF for, how to use support and resistance in trading, and what are the most dangerous inv...
Chica Reyass10 months ago
Best Drinking Games You Can Play Without a Deck of Cards
I love playing these games with my rec soccer team, which is made up of the most badass, fiercest women I know. Self-care is important; it belongs in Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. And this is some of t...

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