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Katana Haley9 months ago
10 Times Celebrities Hated Their Biopics
Some will never agree with the way they are portrayed in a film and will go to any extent to prove their anger. In some cases, it's difficult for the actor to conform to their character's morality and behavior. More often than not, the telling of a life story on film only spawns more stories. It's easy to watch a biopic and assume that it's historically accurate. It's even easier to think the people portrayed in the biopic get along with the actors who played them and vice versa. When it comes t...
Sedona Schuehle9 months ago
There Have NOT Been 22 School Shootings This Year
First, and most importantly, skewing statistics to suit an argument only discredits the argument that would have been just as important and shocking otherwise. The number presented below is by no mean...
megan limbeck9 months ago
Greatest Gifts of Motherhood
Motherhood comes with ups and downs as most of us know; less known however are some of the greatest gifts being a mom can bring you.
Andy Rosario9 months ago
Candy Now
Candy now, play and smile, Cry, lie and deny being tired, Sleep, fight and pretend to be a man, Do all these things now that you can. A little while from now You will really be a man You will start to...
Jonathan Sim9 months ago
Everything You Need to Know About 'Solo: A Star Wars Story'
This Friday, the newest Star Wars standalone film, Solo: A Star Wars Story, will be released. And we've gotten quite a few trailers and TV spots, so before the film comes out, I want to tell you every...
Richard Bailey9 months ago
4 Top Tips for Beginner Indie Game Devs
Tips to Help You Get Started in Creating Your Own Games

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