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Claire Raymond10 months ago
The Best World Dramas on All 4
World dramas are fast becoming the thing to watch, and this is largely thanks to one man; Walter Luzzolino. Walter Presents is a huge collection of dramas from around the world that range from comedy ...
Cato Conroy10 months ago
Best Cryptocurrency Facebook Pages to Follow for Advice & Other News
Facebook is not a platform I typically approve of. In fact, I don't have a Facebook because its privacy issues are terrible and it has bad psychological effects. I think that Mark Zuckerberg is a crim...
Ringo Mendoza10 months ago
10 Best Soccer Blogs Every Fan Should Follow
I haven't always been into soccer. I grew up watching baseball with my dad, and was a die-hard Yankees fan for a long time. He was never really into soccer, so I didn't care about it much. Once I got ...
Jesse Kinney10 months ago
Why You Should Buy a Dehumidifier for Your Home & the Best Ones in 2018
There are two things every home should have just before summer starts. The first is air conditioning; it is almost necessary to have some form of AC in your home in the hotter months. The second is le...
A.O. Monk10 months ago
10 Notable Figures Who (Probably) Died Virgins
What do you think of when you hear “lifelong virgin”? Do you think of priests, nuns, or other ascetics? Do you think of a basement dweller, playing nonstop video games? What about a lonely cat lady wi...
Jordan Ento10 months ago
An Incapability of Attachment
An Incapability of Attachment It begins with a boy, six years of age, charcoal skinned and ashen. There was something about him then, the colours of the sky; the textures of hair; the bite of a lemon....

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