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Matthew Kresal7 months ago
'Doctor Who': Revisiting "The Ice Warriors"
Doctor Who's fifth season is an interesting one. Essentially one long series of "base under siege" stories, it was the season that gave the series many of its iconic monsters. Coming smack dab in the ...
Skye Bothma7 months ago
Successfully Failing
There is something fundamentally wrong with life today; when a person can have everything they always wanted and yet still feel like a failure in the eyes of society. Ever since my school days when I ...
Brian McCann7 months ago
Tax Tips for Military Personnel
Military life can be complicated, and so can handling finances in the military, including your taxes. But by understanding items like your gross income, moving expenses, and other miscellaneous deduct...
Sonica M7 months ago
Therapy—What Are You Signing Up For?
These days it's less of a taboo to go for therapy compared to the 1990s. Lately mental health has been in the spotlight getting all the right attention and cheering people on to get the help they need...
Pandora's Box
I am a lesbian. That’s a complicated statement. Well, it is for me. It shouldn’t be, but oh my God it is. And perhaps not for the reasons you might immediately think. You see, in addition to being a l...
Chica Reyass7 months ago
Best Soccer Warm Ups You Should Be Doing
The guy I've been seeing, Devon Thomas, has been coming to all my games. He brings a bottle of champagne to drink afterward. He always comes up with a reason to celebrate. He's a sweetheart. He asked ...

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