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Patricia Sarkar7 months ago
The E-Clipse Vape Review
Today we are going to be reviewing the E-CLIPSE dry herb vaporizer, one of the hottest vapes currently hitting the market. The E-CLIPSE is a small, digital convection vape that comes equipped with a c...
Kevin Simpson7 months ago
Books Recommended by the US Military for Aspiring Soldiers
Joining the military and becoming a good soldier is about more than just being physically fit and tough. The military also wants their soldiers to be intelligent and well versed in military history. T...
Nicola Fawole7 months ago
New Year, New Beginnings...
Every year I will set myself a New Year's resolution because I felt that It would be nice to a set a new goal to achieve. However, learning over time, I realized that New Year's resolutions are never ...
Sophie Moule7 months ago
How To Survive Your First Semester at Uni
Having only been at uni for one semester, it seems a bit pointless to write something like this as I am probably just as clueless as people who haven't gone to uni yet, but I know that if I had read s...
Hillari Hunter7 months ago
Gentrification Blues
My late father criticized me when I moved out of the neighborhood where he and my late stepmother lived. “That building probably has graffiti on the walls,” Dad grumbled. Yet the rent in the new place...
Kezia Flaherty7 months ago
Nature's Healthiest Hair Remedies
For the majority of women, we've all known, at one time or another, what it feels like to have dry, brittle, lifeless hair with split ends. Whether it's from bad weather, inadequate products, a bad di...

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