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Samantha Reid5 months ago
8 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Teenagers and Young Adults
Christmas is that time of year where most people stress about what to get their children. Sometimes their child is picky. Sometimes they already have everything that they could want. But when it comes...
J L5 months ago
The Sex Addict Chronicles
Hey JL here, and I've experience a lot of craziness in my life. Now as a born again Christian I've had time to reflect on my pass escapades, mostly the sexual ones. I'm talking stories from threesomes...
Sierra George5 months ago
In and Out: My Year in the Asylum
"I would rather die than live here." Those were the words that I spoke to my Dad when my BPD was at its worst, after a long night of arguing and endless fighting, I was tired. Looking back I don't eve...
Ossiana Tepfenhart5 months ago
#ThisIsBeauty Is The New Movement With A Surprising Backstory
If there's one community you'd expect to be all about the idea of beauty being a codified, standardized trait, it'd be the beauty pageant community. With so many movies and television shows mocking ho...
How to Pack (Fast) for a Holiday when Flying
Christmas is coming, and I am packing. Again! I am Italian, and I live in the UK. I have travelled for over 10 years back and forth from Great Britain to Italy and I have packed an immeasurable number...
Best War Movies Streaming Right Now
Streaming services are all the rage for movie and TV nowadays. Most people are subscribers of at least one streaming service, if not multiple (I am). Naturally, these streaming services, whether they ...

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