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Vanessa B. Munroe5 months ago
When Depression Feels like Rage
Recently I have been dealing with a lot of changes in my life, something that can be difficult for most people, much less a person dealing with mental health issues. However, the emotions I felt durin...
Kenya Carpenter5 months ago
The Skin
There's something about skin. The way it feels when two bodies are together, relaxed and comfortable, it's bliss. I love the way he caresses me. I feel a connection. He and I, together for a moment, a...
D.A. Baldwin5 months ago
How (Not) to Write: A Y.A. Romance, Part I
Young Adult literature is probably one of the most popular genres nowadays from what I've seen, and it has been for the past few years, perhaps even longer. I think the buzz started with Twilight, and...
PJ Reilly5 months ago
Corrupt the Youth
This essay does not intend to add to the thousands of think-pieces on Donald Trump's profound unfitness of the Office of the Presidency on the basis of his politics, for it is clear that the subjectiv...
James Giles5 months ago
'Twin Peaks' 2017: Laura Is The One
It's been a hell of ride since the finale of Twin Peaks: The Return. Watching the two-parter live was unforgettable, a bracingly raw emotional experience that ran the gamut of thrills, laughs, unbeara...
Swaay 5 months ago
“Made In Africa:” Changing Women’s Lives With Shea Butter
Rahama Wright, a first generation Ghanian, was no stranger to the difficulties that encumber women’s lives in Africa. Growing up, her mother would tell her stories of how different her childhood was v...

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