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George Gotta year ago
Strange Music Genres You Need to Know
While musical genres like rap, rock, pop, hip hop, jazz, R&B and EDM have huge audiences and are known all over the world, there are many more interesting types of music that are worth discovering. So...
Jason Schwartza year ago
6 of the Most Valuable Video Games Ever Made
People generally don't think of video games as high value collectables. Nothing ages worse than video games, games that were revolutionary years ago look like garbage compared to what we have now. Whi...
Natasha Sydora year ago
History of Penthouse vs Playboy
Some say that this was the sexiest war ever fought, others maintain it was the most sexist war in history. Others pretend it never happened (you read Playboy for the articles, right?). One thing is ce...
Rick Schwartza year ago
What It's Like To Be A: Producer
Ostensibly, I produce movies for a living. Several movies I had a hand in producing have been nominated for Academy Awards, including a win for Best Picture. Pretty heady stuff, to be sure. The realit...
Porn Star Problems
I LOVE to complain. Anyone that knows me in the real world, will know it is my biggest talent. Next to all my trophies, I should have an award for most miserable bitch. You can also follow my complain...
Defining the Western
After much movie-watching, researching about film, and a thought-provoking conversation or two, I ask myself: is "The Western" a genre of a film, or just the setting of one? How do you define it? If J...

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