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Zach Kimbell17 hours ago
Get Out of My Nintendo Labo(ratory)!
In an age of ever progressing virtual reality, the days of steering wheel and fishing rod video game controllers seemed to be a thing of a past (do you member? I 'member). That is until Nintendo annou...
Makenzie Ferrier18 hours ago
Bury Your Gays
Since the dawn on time, mankind has been a race of storytellers. We have a rich history of oral storytelling that dates back to the Stone Age, and the communication of stories and history through cave...
Holly Bushnell19 hours ago
Fields of Heather
We walk through the trees, across the winding bend, Our laughter bites the wind, the coldness it does fend. Casting pebbles to a lake, as light drifts beyond the shore, I call your name, but suddenly,...
Start Your Day as a Substitute Teacher the Right Way
Being a substitute teacher is hard work. As a former full-time elementary school teacher, I was reminded of just how hard it can be to teach a class that isn't your own when I transitioned from teachi...
Salvador Lorenz2 days ago
New Gadgets of 2018 You Won't Believe Exist
About a decade ago, I guarantee there were teams and teams of scientists and engineers alike who were effectively brainstorming the very world of tech we all share today. And, while the likes of virtu...
Cyber Bullying is Killing People…
When I was younger, I was bullied. Sometimes I think that it wasn’t that bad, largely because no adult seemed to care that much. But since the memory of being punched in the face till I was knocked on...

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