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Ryan Whitaker13 hours ago
10 Lifehacks Every Gym Rat Should Know
Despite the fact that I was a four-sport athlete in my high school years and worked a labor-intensive job directly out of undergrad, I firmly believe that going to the gym can still be a daunting expe...
Noah Hagedorn13 hours ago
500 Miles
I love you So such powerful words that carry so much weight in this world. It’s like their sheer utterance have a physicsl weight that can be measured A statement so worthy of being looked out for tha...
Merina Sabatucci19 hours ago
BoxyCharm Review
Hello, my lovely people, I was thinking I could start doing a monthly review of my BoxyCharm. BoxyCharm is a monthly subscription for $21/month that comes as a box of four to five full size cosmetic p...
Julia Skinner2 days ago
I Rode My Bike to the Black Sea
About a month ago now I was sat alone on a crowded beach in Bulgaria. With an aching arm from a tetanus shot, stitches all up my leg and bottle of wine in hand, I vacantly looked out at the black sea ...
Ashley Santoro2 days ago
So You Want to Become a Dog-Walker/Petsitter?
So you want to become a dog-walker? Of course you do, dogs are great! What could be better than walking a dog, getting to play with them and snuggling for a little bit then dropping them back home ? I...
sonsounds 2 days ago
'LIMITS' - A Music Video Trip
Max Koffler and his Berlin-based label sonsounds released a brand-new trippy music video for his electroclash track LIMITS, showing Max falling down from seventh floor several times shouting, "Life is an arrangement with Limits." Based on a hooky 90s-style house organ riff and a mesmerizing dance beat, its dirty but brilliant production almost gives the track the power of grunge rock, with Max speaking lyrics in the verses and singing a catchy high-pitched melody in the choruses, before song and...

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