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Patty Ramsen19 hours ago
10 Best Investing Books for Teens
Today's teens are expected to know what they want to do with the rest of their lives by the time they graduate high school. Consequently, many strive for the highest paying job possible. But this does...
George Nekilan19 hours ago
10 Gift-Worthy Kitchen Accessories for Your Favorite Chef
When you cook for a living, it's particularly important that you have the best kitchen accessories. There are certain tools that every professional has that aren't 100 percent necessary, but just make...
Connor Brighton19 hours ago
The Ultimate Soccer Ball Guide
Believe it or not, there are a lot of different kinds of soccer balls out there. Some soccer balls are designed for street or urban settings, while others are best on an indoor turf field. Some balls ...
Ossiana Tepfenhart19 hours ago
I Tried the FOREO LUNA fofo, and It Changed How I See My Skin
Call me naive, but I honestly thought that my lifestyle would never catch up with my skin. I’ve always been told I have a very youthful appearance, and that I aged very well. Like most others out ther...
Denise Willisa day ago
Five Things I Learned from My Dog
When I left my husband, I also had to leave behind my dog who I had rescued from the side of I-40 in Arizona. I was moving into a very small apartment that only allowed small dogs, and my dog weighed ...
Buddy Brown2 days ago
The History of the Christmas Hess Truck
"The Hess Truck's here and it's better than ever For Christmas this year! The Hess Truck's here!" I heard that jingle burst through the radio when I was a little kid back in the 90s. Next door, my nei...

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