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Bryan Irving10 hours ago
Ekanath the Aerialist
Bengals have become quite a popular breed of cat in the UK over the last couple of years. Among one of the more expensive cat breeds (a recent article listed them as the third most expensive to buy) t...
Why European Cars Are Better
Cars don't make cars, individuals don't make cars, factories don't make cars. I wonder if you're thinking, who the fuck makes the cars then? Hold on, you're moving too fast. You're at a German right n...
Rowan Marleya day ago
Worst Rock Albums of All Time
Music is an art genre that is very "hit or miss," and nothing proves this better than the music career of legendary artists in the rock industry. Most of the time, when we think of major bands, we thi...
How to Make Queso Fresco
If you ever have gone to an authentic Mexican restaurant, you may have noticed that the cheese there isn't in "string" form. Instead, it's a white, crumbly substance that is savory, crumbly, and chees...
Arina Jacor3 days ago
Mad Max: A Story About Sexists Told by Non-Sexists
I understand why it is so easy to call this movie a feminine masterpiece. Let's just look at few elements of the movie.
Earl Grey3 days ago
What It's Like to Be: A British Soldier
"I couldn't do what you do." "I have so much respect for what you do." These are just some of the comments from friends, family and even strangers whenever I would come home for a weekend. I would oft...

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