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Leigh Fishera day ago
You Can Still Finish Your Degree While Working Full-Time
Getting a degree when you work full-time is one of the most challenging things a person can do, but if you have a firm objective, it’s worth chasing. If you know what career path you want but you need...
Magazine Cover with Domenique Heidy
Have you have heard of Domenique Heidy? If not, please take that name down. Besides being a reference in fashion world, she’s also a style expert, and recently she was the cover of an English magazine...
Seven Signs You May Be Getting Married for the Wrong Reasons
I think in this life everyone wants to find their forever at some point. People travel endlessly in hopes to find the other half they have been missing their whole life. Sometimes, the idea of getting married sort of out-screams the whole love thing. Here are seven signs you may be getting married for all the wrong reasons.
Ami Roach2 days ago
Best Fictional Potheads in Pop Culture
It's crazy how far America has come since the age of Reefer Madness. I wonder what people would have said, back then, if we told them that pot would soon be legal in many US states. Maybe they wouldn'...
Becca Carroll2 days ago
Review of Twenty One Pilots' New LP 'Trench'
The 2015 release of Twenty One Pilot’s junior LP Blurryface had initiated an era of sensationalism for members Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun. Their record’s transition away from quirky alternative pop and...
Lynne Rush2 days ago
6 Ways to Kick Sugar out of Your Diet
Let’s be honest: Sugar is bad for you. It’s one of the primary causes of obesity and heart disease. Obesity has become a public health epidemic in the United States, and heart disease is the the leadi...

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