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Working Towards App Performance for Excellent User Experience

by Consagous Technologies 4 months ago in apps

Mobile App Development Company

Mobile App Development Company

One can sum up application performance as ‘making an application that gives the users predictable, simplified, and consistent application experience. The mobile app has to be high performing and should give an extraordinary customer experience, regardless of the device used.’

Let's look into the idea of application performance — what are the provisions of high-performing applications, and how would you accomplish application excellence through solid performance?

According to a user's point of view, high-performing applications "simply work." However, the method involved with making a high-performing application isn't generally direct. To make things easier, here are the primary elements of high performance:


An application ought to be steady and dependable, and it ought not to freeze (application not responding, or "ANR") or crash. Before launching your application, look at Google Play's pre-launch report to identify potential efficiency issues. It'd be wise for you to focus on mobile testing tools such as Android Vitals, TestComplete, 21, after setting up the app. In particular, ANRs are brought about by threading issues. The ANR troubleshooting guide can assist you with diagnosing and resolving any ANRs that exist in your application.

Loading Time-

Envision the initial experience a user has of your application is- WAITING OR CRASHING. Sooner or later, they will get occupied or exhausted, and you have lost another user. Your application ought to either have a better loading time or indicate loading progress on the screen. You can utilize information from various AI-powered testing software to evaluate any issues you might have with app start-up. The most common statistics surrounding performance testing tools can be viewed as:

Cold start-up requires 5 seconds or more.

Warm start-up requires 2 seconds or more.

Hot start-up requires 1.5 seconds or more.

Nonetheless, these are somewhat moderate numbers, and we suggest you focus on lower benchmarks.

3. Rendering-

Excellent image rendering isn't only limited to 3D games. Smooth visual encounters that don't slow down or act sluggish are likewise significant for applications. The minimum frame delivered should be around every 16minutes to accomplish 60 frames each second. However, remember there are gadgets in the market with quicker rendering rates. You can screen rendering by utilizing various rendering alternatives as they help to identify the traps in a pipeline as you move ahead with the successful launch implementation.

Battery Usage-

When a client is aware that your application is depleting their battery, they will consider uninstalling. Your application can drain battery through stuck halfway wake locks, uncontrolled multiple wakeups, background Wifi sweeps, or background network utilization. As a mobile app developer, you can take charge of the amount of energy accessed at the source by GPS and CPU, and other device components during app usage. It is also advisable to use developer libraries to ensure that the app can run background tasks even if it's not opened.

SDK Bundle-

For security reasons, it is essential to have a watchdog at your app's doorstep. As a visionary mobile app developer, employing updated third-party SDKs is a victory in itself. Stability, security, and robustness ought to be accessible to clients without really wasting any time. You are answerable for the whole code base, including any third-party SDKs you might use. These SDKs are pretty viable in updates, diminishing your app's bundle size, and utilizing device assets.

As we continue to travel towards the future, it is not only a means but a necessity to create a sophisticated consumer experience keeping factors affecting the app performance in mind.


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