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Windows 11 will change the look of a normal pc

by Harshith Sasubelli 5 months ago in tech news

Windows 11 Released on June 24 Microsoft event

Windows 11 is the latest operating system from Microsoft. It is the successor to the Windows 10, which has been a big hit with all the PC users. This new OS is already in the beta stage and is expected to be released in the fall of this year. And it is going to change the way we work with computers. Windows 11 will indeed be a big change, but it will not be the only one. It is going to be a radical change in how we interact with our computers. Windows 11 is released on June 24 2021 on windows event .

What is Windows 11?

Windows is the platform that we use to browse and interact with the information in our computers. Microsoft uses their own programming language called C++ to develop apps that run on the Windows platform. It supports a wide range of devices like PCs, tablets, mobile phones, game consoles and more. When Microsoft released the beta version of Windows 10 in 2015, a lot of people didn't like it. The mobile version was too buggy and people had problems with the new design. A lot of people switched back to their old version. In 2016, Microsoft announced that they would be making Windows 10 even better with many new features and enhancements, some of them actually aimed at attracting people back to Windows.

The Windows 11 OS

The Windows 11 will have a shiny new look. The Operating system is rumored to have a version of Flat in its design, which is being applied to the icons on the desktop, Start menu and even File Explorer. It will also allow users to drag applications to the side and they can easily move and resize them. It is not as wide as the Windows 10 but it will be twice as large as Windows 8. The new apps will have a narrower and less thick look than the previous ones. The OS will be streamlined and extremely fast. In this OS, there will be an automatic personal assistant who is going to be the new default on the device. The Cortana is going to be the digital assistant. The feature of a digital assistant in the new operating system has always been a controversial subject in the industry.

The Changes Windows 11 will Bring

Although Windows 10 is still in Beta, some of the features that the users will love will also be features of Windows 11. The new operating system will be packed with the new features and new functions. A lot of the existing features of Windows 10 will also be part of this new operating system. From now on you can get the Insiders preview update of the Windows 10. If you are the lucky ones who will get the preview version of Windows 11, you can test this operating system before its release. Your focus on the new changes will be different compared to the old Windows 10. Windows 10 is supposed to be a great operating system but now Windows 11 is on the way to bring a big change in the tech world.

How to Upgrade windows 10 to Windows 11

There is Leak of initial Windows 11 builds and available for downloads ,but I don't recommend it .Please make sure you download the official win 11 from official website after June 24 only . The Windows 10 users can actually install this new OS. And if you really want to do it you can download the software from here and do it from there. Windows 11 will be bigger than Windows 10, and users can actually get their hands on it by making changes to their computers. But before that all you have to do is go to the Computer option in the menu of the update and then click on "Preview builds". If you want to go ahead and install the Windows 11, then check your internet connection as it might not be ready yet. It will be available for download in August. The developer has come up with the idea of upgrading windows 10.Check out the official Microsoft windows 11 download page.

Windows 11 Vs Chrome Os

Windows 8 did not receive very good reviews It was not as fast as Windows 7 and was often unreliable. Windows 8 was the first Windows that was designed from the ground up for touch screens, but many users wanted something more familiar. So they abandoned their PCs in favor of iPads and Macs. This issue opened a big hole in Microsoft’s strategies. The one that was filled with Windows 10. Macs are powerful, but they are not known for their reliability. Also, they are not cheap, which meant that many Windows users took a look at Macs. But since they are used to computers that work well, people did not want to give them up. Fortunately, Microsoft found a way to bridge this gap.


This is a unique feature, that will be beneficial to the users. The fact that the user can select which windows will open, or where a computer will boot into, will have its own appeal. In the end, I am really happy with the cool features in the windows 11 , you can download the official build from the Microsoft website after june 24 and make you Laptop look cool .

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