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Why Use Golang in 2021

by Rachael Grey about a year ago in apps
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Learn how, when & why to use Golang for your upcoming project. Of all the hype about the Go programming language, this blog is a straightaway answer.

The Go programming language has been the topic of this city from the beginning. Young entrepreneurs are, however, reluctant to use Go; they want to understand why they use Golang, start developing Go, and use and withdraw Golang in their business. Of course, you want to know what Golang is used for. This blog summarizes the facts, advantages, and established criteria of the Go programming language. Let's look at why, when, and how to begin using Golang in your software developing projects.

The very fast and easy-to-use Golang programming language, also known as the Go programming language, displays the star of high-performance software development. When you choose Golang, you are joining a powerful software era.

According to Github statistics, the Go association has risen by 147% since 2020. Golang is created for complicated commercial projects and is the first preference for many of the world's most powerful brands.

Many large companies and prominent start-ups expect to modify or make their debut in the global technology-style market. Golang has met your needs! This fact asks you a million questions: What can you use? Why use Golang in your business?

How do I start using Golang?

It is great to see that Golang has become the first choice for world-class products such as Google, Facebook, Apple, BBC, and many other industry titans with its unique advantages. Also known as "Go programming language," it is one of the easily adaptable programming languages.

It is based on the C language and is equipped with improved dynamics for trustworthy concept management, static symbols with concurrency advantages, and optimal object management.

Golang provides service-friendliness different from Java and C performance and provides fast, easy-to-understand app development, profoundly available developing tools, absolute stability and synchronization, and most importantly, incredible support from the Go community.

11 reasons to use Golang in your projects

  1. The future of Golang lies in safety and health.
  2. Open-handed Libraries
  3. Overall goal
  4. High flexibility
  5. Created for Cross-platform
  6. Your project has no external dependencies
  7. Faster compilation time
  8. Brief and understandable code
  9. Powerful concurrency
  10. Robust programming language Networking
  11. Advanced packages and libraries

Advantages of Golang

Now, after ten years of development, Golang has gained fame as a popular programming language. Golang has proven to be the primary preference for software infrastructure projects and network services developers and comes with a wide spectrum of powerpack devices. The following are the benefits of Golang for developing web or mobile applications:

  • Golang is the fastest growing language on Github
  • Super complicated packaging itself
  • No power, no legacy
  • Golang has fastened its popularity
  • Most reliable cloud-native programming language
  • Golang is suitable for which projects?

    Golang is customized for the following projects:

    Back-end performance processing application development projects with high demand;

    Media platforms such as YouTube use Golang to handle high traffic on their websites.

    However, platforms like SoundCloud use their own Golang on high-level cloud services for Pro deployment.

    Google is using Golang to provide a cloud base. Dropbox operates an enormous system of more than 500 million users who use the Go language effectively.

    Golang is suitable for streaming media applications and has been the core of the BBC's internal development and analysis services.

    Full-featured programming languages ​​are best for on-demand applications.

    As a carpooler, Uber uses Go to administer maps to get the best geofencing results immediately.

    To conclude, Industry giants already know that Golang is still the prime choice for many companies interested in accelerating their product expansion and providing a powerful user interface in the most imaginative way, whether it is user experience or focus on migrating to Golang. So I hope with the help of this article you must have got to know why use Golang and how it will be helpful for the growth of your business.


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