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Why React with Rails is a Perfect Combination to Build Modern Web Application

by Rachael Grey about a year ago in apps
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We all have heard about React with Rails, but do we know why it’s so popular? Here’s a blog that will help you to decide why should you choose React with Rails

ReactJS is a popular Javascript library used to develop front-ends for custom interactive web applications. ReactJs provides developers with the flexibility to create reusable React components. The main goal of ReactJS is to develop fast, easy to extend, and simple applications. MVC.

Ruby on Rails is an open-source web framework based on the Ruby language. It provides developers with the flexibility and time to build scalable applications. We can say that Ruby on Rails is a series of libraries that provide solutions for the tasks used. Multiple times in a project, such as when creating tables, menus, or forms. Since it runs on the server, it can be classified as an internal development platform.

This is a personalized tour provided by ReactJS and Rails for beginners. Before we discuss the "why" part of React with Rails, let's take a look at the "what to look for."

What should I consider Before Choosing React with Rails?

Defining a technology stack is a very important and difficult task. For this, you must accurately understand the requirements of the project. You must have peripheral vision instead of tunnel vision. Only a person with 180 degrees can find the knowledge of the corresponding technology stack.

The most popular method of choosing a technology stack is through the Internet. So this is mainly subjective because people will give advice based on the situation. With this in mind, this is my opinion on this.

Reasons to use React with Rails:

  1. Speedy development:

The rapid development of Ruby on Rails is composed of countless integrated modules and code libraries, which can overcome the workload and time of developers; it also enhances the interoperability with the ReactJS front-end library; it also reduces development costs because less development is required time.

2. Shortening the server request time:

The loading time of any web app is essential. The most important thing is to note that no user is willing to wait for his request. Therefore, a web app with a long loading time may result in the loss of multiple users. And no customers want it! To avoid losing users, developers should reduce the server request time and respond as quickly as possible.

3. Reliable technology:

The combination of Rails and ReactJs has been used and tested by leading platforms such as Airbnb and Crunchbase. Due to its advantages, React has shown its ability to generate the most robust and dynamic apps.

4. Steadiness:

This combination provides huge and compelling community support. Since both platforms are stable, you can be confident that your app will run well.

5. Development Speed and Quality:

If you want to build applications based on the freemium model, React's development speed and quality RoR is the best combination. If time to market is your main concern, trust ReactJS and Rails and the speed of development.

6. Less memory usage and better performance:

If you encounter insufficient storage space, you can use React to expand your app via the Rails API. Egghead.io has several unnecessary memory problems and ultimately chose to use React + Rails to implement it as expected and provide better results with higher performance.


  • Effortless to manage
  • Regular testing and Secure computerized testing
  • Large active community
  • the unique ecosystem of tools and libraries
  • Excellent user experience
  • Convenient development
  • Quality and performance support
  • Well documented and reliable
  • When do you use React and Rails?

    With all the benefits and why you should use React with Rails, you may wonder when to use this combination. To reduce your misunderstanding, I have added some answers that may be helpful to you in this section. Using ReactJS with Ruby on Rails, if you want to develop:

    • Applications with powerful content
    • Complex single-page applications
    • Applications with enormous databases
    • Applications that scale on mobile platforms: React Native with Ruby on Rails is a faster app.

    The entire blog post answers the question, "Should I use React with Rails?" Approving immediately without fully understanding the conditions of the project may put you in a dilemma. I won't say that React with Rails is a one-size-fits-all solution, but if you want to develop powerful apps with multiple micro-interactions, this combination is best.


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