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What To Do When You Lose A Compact Disc

by Mike Singleton - Mikeydred 17 days ago in tech news / product review / how to / gadgets / apps
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I Burned A Replacement

CD Burnet XP


Last week I decided to do a review of “Enjoy The Melodic Sunshine” by The Cosmic Rough Riders, a favourite of mine since I bought it twenty years ago, but I couldn’t find the CD. I had been listening to another CD of theirs “Too Close To See Far” when I decided to do the review.

I had a digital copy on my phone and a lot of the songs are on Youtube so I had no problem doing the review, but the fact that I had lost the disc was niggling me.

When I started working from home I had a pile of CDs I was selling on Discogs plus a few open racks and a DAB radio with CD player, and one day I thought I would maybe play a CD.

I had been playing music from my network on my Kindle Fire but the software I was using became increasingly unreliable even with downloaded Amazon Music that I have bought and downloaded to the device.

The CD Player works and I now listen to my albums from all over my collection.

I then couldn;t find my copy of “Enjoy The Melodic Sunshine” anywhere, and I really wanted to play it on my player so this is how I played it.

What I Decided To Do.

I wanted to burn a CD but the trial of the software I had had ran out, so I tried to get something on the Microsfoft Store but the few “free” ones I tried actually demanded money to use them. I could install itunes but it is so bloated and slow that I really can’t be bothered. So I did a Google search and saw CD BurnerXP.

I downloaded it and it is free although they ask for a donation if you like it, but they don’t demand anything.

The interface is a little awkward but I found it very easy to burn the two discs of my deluxe version of “Enjoy The Melodic Sunshine” .

This software also apparently lets you rip CDs as well and deals with a lot of different disc formats.

You can get it here if you still ever need to burn discs for yourself or for anyone.

Why Did I Do It?

Basically because I value my time. The record is not irreplaceable and I don’t know how long it will take me to find it even if I do find it. Say it takes me ten hours to find it, how much is my time worth? I could buy a replacement copy for less than three pounds. I paid eight pounds for a digital download which I burned to a CD and that is maybe what I am paid for fifteen minutes of my time.

I will send them a donation too as it’s a good piece of software that saved me some time and gave me what I wanted.

I have written about the nature of time recently and I always think it is a good idea to use your time in the way that is best for you.

We are living in a world where everything is advertised as being available at the touch of a button. What they don’t mention is that a lot of buttons have to be pressed before that button will deliver.

I’ve been told I am a music dinosaur because I play instruments and listen via vinyl and CD rather than Spotify, but I get the music that I want when I want and that is what counts for me.


This is essentially about a great piece of software and how it saved me a lot of time. If something can genuinely save you time and benefit you then take it up.

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  • Danwil Reyes15 days ago

    Thank you for sharing your perspectives about this subject matter.

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