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Our Electronic World

Unpopular Opinion

I know this unpopular opinion is up for a serious debate, however, I have my thoughts and reservations about this subject. It’s the electronic world that we live in. From having iPhones, iPads, and Apple computers and not to mention our social media profiles. Everyone has a Facebook, Instagram or Twitter account. Everyone has an email account like Gmail, yahoo, outlook, and the like. Then there’s our internet providers [ISP] for example, Time Warner, Spectrum, Buckeye Cablevision, and AT&T just to name a few. There’re our electronic devices as mentioned above, which also includes, Androids and Apple computers. If you’re not technologically savvy, then the world we live in today will drive you nuts.

Not only do we have all the technology that keeps us connected to one another, but we’re required to create passwords and usernames for every online account we have including the huge number of apps that can be downloaded onto our computers and cellular devices. Some devices talk to you, for example, Amazon and Alexa Home, Siri, Amazon Echo, Google Assistant, and Apple Home Kit, etc. It gets even technical when I turn on my Firestick and Alexa ask me, "what did you say?" Alexa seems to know when I am online because she's there listening. Then there’s Siri on the iPhones, who does not understand what I’m asking. She says, "I didn’t understand you. Can you repeat that?" I can go on and on with this “Unpopular Opinion” but let me get to the meat of the story.

Our world is forever evolving and coming up with new technology. Isn’t there enough “stuff” that we have already? Probably not because it’s just the world we live in. It drives me crazy that I’m prompted to create a username and password every time I download an app or log into a website. Who has time to remember usernames and passwords on absolutely every app that they have an account? Not me. To remedy this aggravating “must-do” task, I’ve bought a password book. I thought that buying it would help me keep up with my accounts, but it has created a serious problem for me. One is that I have to write down every password and username for all of my accounts, which is time-consuming, and two, I’ve got to keep up with this book while keeping it safe from the hackers, which I’ll address later in this story.

I remember a time when I left my password and username book at home. I live in an apartment and because maintenance staff is constantly going in and out of my apartment unannounced, I kept the book with me. After I realized that I had left the book at home, I became frantic and rushed home to find the little black book still there on my table beside my bed. I can't say for sure if my information was compromised by leaving this book, but it was a waste of time to have driven all the way home only to find the book right there! It drives me crazy with all the so-called “security” we have in this technology-driven world and that there’s a need to stay safe online. What’s the purpose behind all this security anyway when hackers can get past it? I’ll say it is for safety reasons, and more importantly, it helps us get things done at a speedier paste.

It also drives me nuts when I want to look up some information on a website, and there’s a button there to download an app and create a user profile. I just want to research some information! I ask myself this question a lot and there’s absolutely no way around this. Then there are the hackers out there lurking and waiting to hack into your emails, bank accounts, and social media accounts. Because of that, we create so-called “secured” passwords with THEIR password rules, and we know what that is, which is that 8-32-digit alphanumeric password, lowercase and uppercase alphabet letters, decimal digit number and special characters such as ~! @#$%^&*_-+=`|\(){}[]:;'<>, ?/. The rules are strict and if you don’t follow it, you get that ugly red box displayed next to the box giving you the password rules. I get this often, and I find myself changing my passwords because of this rule. Now, whether changing my passwords should keep out the hackers, presents an entirely different subject. It annoys me when I’m wanting to educate myself about an app and I'm asked to create an online account.

I experienced this recently. I download an app from the App Store and when I opened the app to research it, I was prompted to create an account. I uninstalled the app because I didn’t want to do that. It’s ridiculous because every account that’s created whether, through an app or online, you’re creating digital footprints and, I find that very alarming.

While the purpose of all this technology is to create a safer and secure environment, it has opened us to an environment conducive to errors and headaches. Especially when we start to log into our accounts, and get an error message stating that the password created is incorrect. The next scenario is to click the “forgotten password “link and a reset link is sent to my email. I find this phenomenon very aggravating, to say the least. I wanted to log into my account. Let me in, please! Time after time I’ve experienced this, and it is such a pain especially since I have every username and password written down and I know I created the right password. Just the other day, I was trying to log into my Amazon Fire Stick because I have a parental pin set for my video streaming and the pin was changed. That frustrated me, and I could not figure out how my parental pin was changed. Most likely a hacker. This is exactly what I’m talking about here. I thought setting a parental pin would protect my Fire stick from being hacked. I guess not. So, I changed the pin and finally, I got in. Whew, that was easy.

Also, there are cell phone issues too. It disturbs me to see people walking while on their cell phones, driving while on their cell phones, and everything else they could do with their cell phones. For example, you see two people fighting on the street, and instead of minding your business, you pull out your cell and snap, a picture is taken and posted on social media. We face this type of drama daily, and it has become the thing of the “norm.” I say it is not normal because we have engrossed ourselves in this technology. We find ourselves not able to live without our computers, cellphones, and tablets and if those devices are taken away from us, we feel lost without them. This can be disabling, and we can find ourselves not being able to function without them.

Case and Point:

We find ourselves securing all our online accounts from bank accounts to our social media accounts and everything else in between. So, I ask, What’s the point of all this security? Mainly to stop hackers from getting into our private accounts and even our business accounts. However, what was meant to make us secure, has made us unsafe online. Why do I say this? Because it's a proven fact that we are unsafe online, and therefore we have all this security. We have the password rules. We must create online accounts and secure passwords to keep the hackers out of our accounts. We need to protect our computers from viruses such as Trojans, phishing, Malware, Spyware, and Rootkits, etc. We need to purchase antivirus protection software such as Norton Security 360, McAfee, Avast, Kaspersky, Bitdefender, and AVG. All this just to stay safe online yet the bad boys [hackers] find a way to get into our personal computers and our lives. Where does it all end? Most likely it will not because it's just the "electronic world" we live in.

Side Note: What others have said about this subject? In doing my research on this subject, I found that people are enjoying the technologies that we use today. Many feel that today, we are much more advanced with technology compared to the early years. I agree, however, it’s annoying at times and takes some adjusting to. There’s always evolving technologies every day and as stated above, if you are not technology savvy, our world today could be frustrating for you.

Jacqueline Wilson
Jacqueline Wilson
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