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Top 7 Best Internet Speed Test Apps For Android and iPhone Devices 2021

by ubaid ullah 2 years ago in apps
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How To Check Internet Speed In Andriod and iPhone Devices

Top 7 Best Internet Speed Test Apps For Android and iPhone Devices 2021
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The Internet is now available all around the world. From the previous 4 years, we got 4G,5G, and even 7G technology of the internet. There are many best apps available on Android and iPhone which will help you to get an authenticated report about your internet speed and usage.

Today in this article we are going to give you the top 7 best Internet speed test apps for Android and iPhone.

SpeedSmart Speed Test

On the basis of various factors, this is one of the best apps which will help you to get the optimum result about your internet speed. Rather than check internet speed SpeedSmart will also help you to know about your downloading speed, your Network ping, also your uploading speed.

Features of SpeedSmart Speed Test

  • This app will give you a real-time speed test for downloading and uploading
  • It will allow you to test your Network Ping
  • A full and detailed history of the past tracking result, IP, and data usage.
  • It also capable of tracking your cellular internet as well as Wi-Fi internet Speed
  • Test under 30 seconds
  • Troubleshoot your ISP
  • You can also share your test result with your friends very easily

Here You can Download For Andriod or iPhone

Download for Android

Download For iPhone

V-SPEED Speed Test

V-SPEED Speed Test is another best app to test your speed of internet for Android and also for iPhone devices. With modern technology, this app has the ability to test your speed of the internet accurately.

It has also a built-in Wi-Fi single finding tool. With the testing of downloading and uploading it also find out and provides a complete report on delay in ping time. Like another app, this app also gives you a great IP address, career, and about your connection too.

Features of V-SPEED Speed Test

  • Building Wi-Fi and single finding tool
  • Give you default server for speed check
  • Test both downloaded and uploaded speed
  • It can measure transfer time into units like kbps and Mbps
  • Automatic speed checking of different types of connections like 4G,3G LTE, and Wi-Fi.
  • This app will also provide you basic information about your connection and other stuff
  • Provide a complete history
  • Detailed information from the previous and latest speed test
  • Compatibility mode and animation
  • Vibrational handling and perfect UI

You can download this application for Android and iPhone from here

Download for Android

Download for iPhone


FAST is another powerful app that is provided by the famous TV channel name Netflix Inc. To provide the best services to clients on Netflix, they launched this amazing application to enjoy favorite movies and shows.

Along with checking internet speed IP address another uploading and downloading history you can also check it in the context of using a fast.com website.

Download for Andriod

Download for iPhone


Meteor is another Internet speed check app. It will also give you an accurate average speed result and provide you information about your internet speed. It is the best internet speed test app for pc.

It will provide internet speed of both Wi-Fi and the internet.

While streaming videos, it will also helpful for you to get more information about internet connection and speed.

Download for Android

Download For iPhone

Speedtest Ookla

it has over a million users around the world, Speedtest by Ookla become the most popular Speed Test app. By checking your internet speed and uploading and downloading also, you can compare with a previous and latest speed test.

Ookla is the most famous company for providing different apps.

Features of Speedtest Ookla

  • Download, upload, and ping test
  • Check your internet speed on maps
  • Troubleshoot and verify internet speed
  • Tracking of detailed history
  • Sharing of result easily among friend

Download For Android

Download For iPhone

Internet Speed Meter

Internet Speed Meter app is one of the best apps among Android users. One of the best thing about this app is that it will give you daily traffic usage alert and data notification and speed update accurately.

It is also available in both free and provisions, unfortunately, it is not available on the iOS platform. Pro version of Internet Speed Metre has many beneficial features.

Internet Speed Metre Features

  • Provide update about internet in the status bar and notification of real-time internet
  • Alert notification about the daily traffic usage
  • Check cellular and Wi-Fi Internet
  • It can hold data from the previous 30 days of data traffic history
  • It is a lightweight app which is a battery efficient app
  • Internet Speed Metre Pro Features
  • Notification dialogue with the craft monitoring and time usage. It will also give you the real-time speed of applications running on the current network.
  • Smarter notification for connected internet
  • Upload and download speed notifications.

Download For Android

Speedtest Master

Speedtest Master is one of the best-dedicated internet speed meter apps. It is the best app for your iOS. One of the main features of this app is that it is working for every generation of the internet speed test.

You can easily test your internet speed test of different types like Wi-Fi, DSL, ADSL,2G,3G,4G, etc. Within 30 seconds you can get the most accurate speed test result.

You can check the download and upload speed of the internet with a delay of pink time. It will also show you a complete graph of your internet consistency.

Download for iPhone

That's All Application for Andriod and iPhone to check the speed of you internet/Wi-Fi.

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