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Top 10 Ways To Enhance Mobile App Security

by X-Byte Solution 9 months ago in apps
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10 Ways To Enhance Mobile App Security

Mobile apps are available through app distributors like App Store, Google Play store, etc. Big enterprises across the world have also adopted mobile apps to increase their sales. With so many cyber crimes happening these days, the mobile app security process is something that we need to look at. We need to have better mobile app development security to protect data on our mobile phones.

Let us have a look at some useful tips to improve mobile app security

10 Ways To Enhance Mobile App Security

The way mobile apps are built and offered to the end-user is completely different from the regular software development process. With the help of mobile app security tips gathered in this article by the tester and mobile app developers in Mobile Security Solutions, you can get tips on how to secure mobile apps for a better user experience

1. Learn About Platform-Centric Limitations

If you are building apps for multiple mobile operating systems, for a flawless mobile app security process, it is better to understand the security features as well as the limitations of the platform you can start coding accordingly. Also, you need to consider different factors like

encryption support

user case scenarios

password support

geo-location data support for the OS

The above factors can help you distribute and manage the app on specified platforms.

2. Source Code Encryption

When it comes to mobile malware, it comes with bugs, vulnerabilities, etc inside the source code and design of the mobile app.

According to the reports, malicious code can attack 12 million mobile devices. Hence, source code encryptions should be done without fail. Code encryption will ensure the protection of source code and it cannot be accessed by strangers.

3. Take Care Of Data Security

When the confidential data of an enterprise is accessed by a mobile app, raw data is saved in the device storage. With mobile data encryption, the data can be secured effectively in a sandbox. This task can be accomplished with the use of SQLite Database Encryption Modules. It can also be done by providing file-level encryption for multiple Operating systems.

4. Protect The Data-In-Transit

Confidential or sensitive information sent from the client to different backend servers should be safeguarded to make sure there is no data theft or privacy leaks.

The developers should ensure that the data is stored inside strict security methods. It can be done by incorporating support for SSL/ VPN tunnels which results in data protection against theft or eavesdropping

5. Perform Integration Using MAM or MDM

MDM (Mobile device management) & MAM (mobile app management) solutions are adopted by different enterprises to reduce threats associated with devices and apps.

Enterprises utilize MDM & MAM to create app stores for controlled distribution, covering employee apps within distinct security layers, wipe device and app data remotely, etc.

By offering embedded support for different MDM/MAM vendors like AirWatch, Good Technologies, Apperian, etc. It is easy to make sure that your app security is always at a higher level.

6. Protect The Backend

It is being assumed by several backend APIs that an app having coded to access it can only communicate with it. But this is not true. The backend servers come with built-in security measures to protect the app against all possible malicious attacks. Hence, make sure that all APIs are strictly verified based on the mobile app development services based on particular mobile platform you wish to write code for. This is because the transport process and API authentication tend to differ with each platform.

7. Utilize Modern Cryptography Techniques

Even the most trending cryptography algorithms like MD5 & SHA1 are not sufficient to meet the security requirements of today. Hence, it is important to be updated with modern algorithm technology for security.

So, utilize the latest encryption measures like AES with 256-bit encryption and SHA-256 for hashing. Simultaneously, you should carry out threat modeling and manual penetration testing on your mobile application before its launch to assure complete security.

8. Prevent Unintentional Data Leakage

When users access your app, they agree to some permission which helps businesses to obtain some important personal data from the customer. Now, by implementing advertising legitimately and making use of secure analytics providers, you can prevent the unintentional leakage of user data to hackers or malicious business providers.

9. Reduce Storage Of Confidential Data

Make sure you take necessary measures to avoid the storage of confidential users’ data on the device or your servers. It is necessary because saving user data increases the risks.

In case you need to store data by any means, then make use of encrypted data containers/key chains wherein cookies can be used for saved passwords. Lastly, reduce your dependence on logs. Also, make sure the logs get automatically erased after a specified duration.

10. Carry Out An Extensive QA & Security Check

The last tip for enhanced Mobile Application Security is about testing your app against random security measures before its launch. In case you have a budget to hire a hacker, it can help you check the security breaches within an app. A lot of major companies like Microsoft, Google, etc hire several hackers to find out security problems residing within their apps and declare prize money for the same.

Final Words

When you implement the above strategies, it would become difficult for any hacker to enter your app. Also, it is important to update yourself with modern tools & techniques used for cyber security to protect your app.

If you are not familiar with the mobile app security process and wish to build an app with security features integrated into your app, get in touch with X-Byte Enterprise Solutions as mobile app development company to get enhanced mobile app security.

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