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Tips to Pick Flutter App Development Tools Suited For Your Business

by Ryan Williamson 4 months ago in apps

Know about the benefits of flutter, how to pick the flutter app tools and the top flutter development tools.

Flutter may be a relatively new entrant on the scene, but that has not kept this nifty framework from becoming one of the most popular offerings in the development ecosystem. This is not the least bit surprising; after all, it enables the development of some very high-quality cross-platform apps. Don’t believe it? Well, then it may help to know that Google Ads, SpaceX Go, and Reflectly are only some of the apps that have been made using Flutter.

Benefits of Flutter:

Before we take a deep dive into the world of Flutter app development tools, allow us to first list the key benefits of using the Flutter framework for app development.

  1. Quick testing: Flutter gets the hot reload feature, which prevents the entire app from being refreshed every time a change or update is introduced. Instead, developers can make changes in real-time and also see how it reflects without disrupting the entire app’s operations.
  2. High performance: A crucial advantage of using Flutter for app development is that it ensures the app performance is virtually indistinguishable from that of a native app. Flutter can enable better performance than native apps in certain aspects, such as with complicated UI animations, etc.
  3. Open-source: Flutter is open-source and also enjoys the support of a massive community of developers.

Now, given the benefits of Flutter app development, there is equal focus on the different tools one can use for such projects. So, here’s a guide to help you pick the best tools.

How to Pick the Right Flutter App Tool

There are, of course, countless options when it comes to the tools and resources one can find in the market for aiding and assisting with your Flutter app development project. However, that does not mean just about any tool will do.

To find the tools best suited for your project, we recommend that you first carefully examine the project’s requirements, the team’s skills and capabilities, and then go about identifying the Flutter app development tools that can be useful for your project.

Top Flutter App Development Tools

We have also put together a list of the top Flutter app development tools to help you get started with the process of finding the right tools for your Flutter app development project.

  • Panache: A Flutter material editor, Panache is designed to help programmers build material themes for the app. It also allows developers to tailor every single one of the theme’s features, including design, colors, shapes, etc. That is not all though; other Panache benefits include the fact it is open-source and free.
  • Supernova: Like Flutter, Supernova too is a relatively new arrival in the market for tools used to develop Flutter apps. What it does is enable the programmers to import their UI designs to the tool and then dispatch them to Flutter. Supernova enables the movement of requisite data to help build natively compiled, responsive, and stunning apps. Hold on, we are not quite done yet; yet another reason why Supernova is gaining popularity in the market as a top Flutter app development tool is its ability to enable developers to run Flutter apps simultaneously and also introduce updates and changes in real-time. All without affecting the app(s) at all. Also, did we mention that Supernova enables the import of Adobe XD, Sketch, etc. files to seamlessly and quickly update the app’s UI design and such?
  • Count.ly: Yet another much sought-after open-source offering when it comes to Flutter app development, Count.ly is a product analytics tool. Its goal is to help companies identify and boost the quality of their customers’ journeys across different platforms, i.e. mobile, web, and desktop apps. So, what exactly does this tool do? For starters, it is typically used to keep an eye on fundamental KPIs metrics along with KPIs that help demonstrate the app’s performance as well as growth. While this is decidedly terrific, the fact remains that Count.ly is also celebrated for its performance when it comes to safeguarding the data accessed by the app. Oh, and let us not forget that this platform is also available as a paid offering, wherein the company can choose to host the tool either on-premise or in the cloud. Additionally, the premium Count.ly version is also conducive for push notifications, A/B testing, and countless other important features.
  • Codemagic: Widely regarded as among the most effective as well as efficient Flutter app development tools in the market, Codemagic seeks to significantly boost the quality of the Flutter app development process while also helping programmers to accelerate the pace at which they can develop, test, and push the mobile app to the market. That is not all though; Codemagic also enables development teams to ensure continuous integration and the fuss-free delivery of the apps developed using the Flutter framework. It also does away with the requirement to undertake configuration before the app can be pushed live and made available to end-users in the target market for the product. Wait, there is more where that came from; Codemagic is also highly conducive to automation during both development and testing of the app. Plus, this nifty little Flutter app development tool optimizes the launch plan and process, thus making the overall process plain and simple.
  • When compared to its rivals, Flutter is admittedly a relatively new entrant in the market. Nonetheless, it has managed to carve quite the niche for itself in the market, enabling the development of top-notch apps, be it targeted for a single platform or multiple platforms. This open-source framework for cross-platform app development brings to the table a whole lot of other benefits as well, including easing the development process, it's high-level of compatibility with a variety of third-party resources and tools such as widgets, and the overall ace quality app performance that it enables among other things.

    Suffice it to say that Flutter has immense potential and to leverage that potential for the benefit of your business, it is important you choose the right tools. Of course, you can refer to the aforementioned list or you could also engage the services of a trusted Flutter development company in the market.


    Ryan Williamson

    A professional & security-oriented programmer having more than 6 years of experience in designing, implementing, testing & supporting mobile apps developed. Being techno geek, I love to read & share about the latest updates in technology.

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