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This Is How The Devil Destroys The Chosen Ones

Unveiling the Devil's Tactics: Unraveling the Destruction of the Chosen Ones

By HalintonePublished 9 months ago 10 min read

This Is How The Devil Destroys The Chosen Ones

In Job 31:1 (KJV), I entered into an agreement with my own eyes, so why should I entertain thoughts about a young woman? Often, we associate sexual improprieties with originating in the heart, believing that we ponder and contemplate them before engaging in such actions. However, it is important to note that sexual immorality does not initiate solely within the heart; rather, the heart serves as a subsequent phase in the progression of sexual immorality.

job knew about these stages of sexual

immorality he knew that it will always

start from what he looks at if he looks

lustfully at a woman the heart will

start to think about that and then it

will push job into sin job made a

covenant with his eyes never to look

lustfully at women David couldn't make

that kind of Covenant with his eyes and

he fell into sin there are many warnings

about sexual immoralities that have been

given in the Bible but it is something

that is becoming hard for many people to

avoid and I can tell you that Christians

are included look at one of the warnings

regarding sexual immorality in the Bible

Proverbs 6 32. but whoso committeth

adultery with a woman lacketh

understanding he that doeth it destroth

his own soul

my oh my you see this is proof that not

all said the same yes ultimately all sin

brings death but they are not the same

you can't tell a lie and sin against

your own body you can't tell a lie and

destroy your soul but the Bible did not

say a thief destroyeth his own soul or a

liar destroyeth his own soul but an

adulterer destroyeth his own soul

there is something serious about sexual

immorality that I believe that we as

humans don't fully comprehend

Proverbs 9 16-17

whoever is simple let him turn in here

and for him who lacks understanding she

says to him stolen water is sweet and

bread eaten in secret is Pleasant

here this lady is quoting a well-known

saying a well-known saying which is a

half-truth and we all know that a half

truth is a lie in other words what she

is saying is illicit sex of an adulterer

or fornicator is more satisfying than

sex between a husband and wife which God

has sanctioned hence the saying stolen

water is sweet and bread eaten in secret

is Pleasant

and in all honesty she is telling the

truth but she is not telling the whole

truth because she does not tell you the

end of the story

let's be honest there is pleasure in sin

people don't commit sin because it hurts

them no people commit sin because there

is pleasure in sin there is an enjoyment

in sin for a period of time and that

pleasure in sin is what she is talking

about there is some genuine allure in

the excitement Independence camaraderie

and pleasure in Breaking God's command

and wisdom's counsel sin has its

Pleasures for a season

now Verse 18 Solomon then tells the

readers the part that she is

conveniently missed out Proverbs 9 16-18

whoever is simple let him turn in here

and as for him who lacks understanding

she says to him stolen water is sweet

and bread eaten and secret is Pleasant

verse 18.

but he does not know that the Dead are

there that her guests are in the depths

of hell

wow oh wow I remember the first time I

read this verse I literally stopped for

30 minutes and spoke to my father about

this verse

listen to it one more time

he does not know that the Dead are there

that her guests are in the depths of


the sexual immorality is something that

we should not play with

a major area of sexual immorality that

is in the church today is pornography

this is a serious issue in Christianity

today this is something we need to

address in the church today

you will see many people they don't look

at the opposite sex lustfully but they

watch porn at the corner of their house

some people will preach against looking

at the opposite sex lustfully but they

cannot stop watching porn in the corner

of their house the problem that porn

brings is not just addiction and sexual

immorality it is far beyond that it

affects one psychologically

I was going through the statistics of

people who watch porn and I can tell you

that it is scary about 40 million

American people watch it regularly it is

also known that 35 percent of all the

internet downloads are related to

pornography in church one out of five

youth pastors watch it regularly and one

out of seven adult pastors watch it

regularly upwards of seventy percent of

Christians or church members are still

struggling with it today and they watch

at least once a month

ninety percent of teens and 96 percent

of young adults are either encouraging

accepting or staying neutral on the

discussion of this topic

I'm not judging anyone I'm not judging

people struggling to get out of this

addiction but this is not something you

should accept as part of your life

if job says he has made a covenant with

his eyes not to look lustfully on women

why should you not make the same

covenant not to watch porn

many people don't even know how to

relate with other people anymore because

of this addiction many people are facing

depression because they hate themselves

for this

so what happens in the Unseen World when

you watch pornography and it becomes an

addiction the plain and simple truth is

that it becomes a stronghold and once

Satan has a stronghold in your life he

will not let go of it easily this is why

people want to stop but they can't

10 20 30 years battling with the same

sin why because it is a stronghold one

two three clicks and you have access to

another world and the more you are there

in this world the deeper this stronghold

gets and the more its claws wrap around


I remember a young man that went to my

church and asked for prayer he came to

me saying pastor Pastor I need prayer

and I asked him what for he said every

time he would try to pray the images of

these Unholy things he was watching on

the internet would pop up in his head

any time he would pray he would begin to

start seeing these things in his mind

and he would stop it was as if there was

a literal wall between him and God it

even affected his relationship with God

this young man came to me in tears he

wanted to stop but he couldn't and there

are so many people who are in the same

situation as soon as the young man said

this to me I thought of Isaiah 59 1-2

behold the Lord's hand is not shortened

that it cannot save neither his ear

heavy that it cannot hear but your

iniquities have separated between you

and your God and your sins have hid his

face from you that he will not hear

the problem with this stronghold is that

it introduces other strongholds once

pornography becomes a stronghold lust

becomes a stronghold and that leads you

to another stronghold fornication

fornication then graduates when you are

married to adultery one stronghold opens

up the door to more what happens to the

Unseen World when you watch pornography

is that it builds lust it builds it it

feeds it it gives nutrition to lust it

gives lust everything it needs to grow

when lust Burns in the hearts of people

it causes them to behave foolishly and


the worst is that people will keep

suffering for the irrational actions

they commit through the lust of their

hearts yet they will not desist from

such actions

allow this sermon to be a warning

against lust

the truth is lust is something you have

to fight at every stage of life even if

you are 16 you have to fight lust

if you are 60 you have to fight it

if you are single and you think lust

will go away when you are married that

is a lie

you have to fight lust at every stage of

your life

I believe one of the greatest causes for

our regrets as humans is lust

if you want a better future for yourself

you have to deal with lust

lust will Cloud your judgment

lust will destroy you

lust will break your home up

lust will destroy your health

lust will take your money away

lust will rob you of your joy lust will

put a wall between you and God lust will

throw you into a hole deeper than you

ever thought you could go

lust clouds your mind and judgment

your ability to make good decisions goes

out the window when lust is involved

when you have sex on your mind your

reasoning skills and your decision

making is poor lust makes you


it is like a drug when people are high

on drugs they are not as responsible as

they would be with a sober mind

lust will make a man to Forfeit and

destroy a 20-year marriage for 10

minutes of pleasure

isn't it really foolish for a man who

has built a 20-year marriage to Forfeit

his wife and children and begin to

pursue a girl for 10 minutes of pleasure

what is the wisdom behind a man leaving

his wife behind to pursue another man's


lust blindfolds a man and robs him of

his wisdom and strength

and one of the biggest lies you will

hear is that lust is a male only problem

no it is not women struggle with it just

as much as men

there are some things people do that

they try to hold the devil responsible


meanwhile it is their lust that caused

them to act that way

why do you think job made a covenant

with his eyes the idea of the Covenant

the term Covenant is of Latin origin

convenire meaning a coming together it

presupposes two or more parties who come

together to make a contract agreeing on

promises stipulations Privileges and


he was in agreement with his eyes to

know what he will look at Job 31 1. I

made a covenant with mine eyes why then

should I think upon a maid

lust is not something to be played with

second Samuel 11 1-2

and it came to pass after the year was

expired at the time when kings go forth

to battle that David sent joab and his

servants with him and all Israel and

they destroyed the children of Ammon and

besieged rabba

but David tarried still at Jerusalem and

it came to pass in an evening tide that

David arose from off his bed and walked

upon the roof of the King's house and

from the roof he saw a woman washing

herself and the woman was very beautiful

to look upon

him seeing this woman led to all of

David's issues

the eyes look and see then the heart

will store it up and the Brain will

start processing it giving you to think

of it all the time

when you commit sexual sin you're not

sinning against other people you are not

sinning outside of your body you are not

sinning to destroy other people's lives

but you are sinning against your body

you are destroying your own life

First Corinthians 6 18 KJV

flea fornication every sin that a man

doeth is without the body but he that

committeth fornication sinneth against

his own body

run from sexual sins and every form of

sexual sin run from the sources of

sexual sin

fact or fiction

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